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    It appears that the network marketing, or MLM, industry has been booming! There have been growth spurts in popularity, periodically, over the years, but the business has never really taken off. Even during the occasional growing periods, were followed by slumps in the economy. Yet, throughout it's history, even during the periodic slumps, and especially within the last two decades, many of those who would promote it would say, soon, the network marketing industry is going to explode!

    The various promoters of the alleged upcoming MLM boom have always had at least one good reason for believing this claim. There are advantages that network marketing offers to those who want to start a home-based business.

    As history has shown us in many industries, the merits of a product alone won't necessarily sell it. People are more likely to obtain something they want as opposed to need, and they've not flocked to network marketing in masses for no other reason than they simply can't want something they neither understood nor even know exists! Evidence shows that the reason this industry stands a little over 7 million distributors is because, those 7 million network marketers are pitching their opportunities to each other. This has contributed to the ignorance of most Americans about network marketing. The term ignorance means to ignore readily available information. The majority of the U.S population has, until now, ignored network marketing due to, not only, lack of want, but also lack of knowledge of its benefits, or that one even exists.

    But, this is about to change...forever!

    For the first time, there are reasons to believe in an upcoming marketing explosion. There are a number of reasons for the expansion of network marketing in the U.S. over the next few years. An upcoming MLM boom will happen and below are a list of of items that are contributing to this boom:

    Economy, Demographics, Wall Street Securities, Supply and Demand, New Blood, Positive Media Exposure, Regulatory Climate, and Industry Growth Rates.

    I will go into details about why each is a contributor to the growth of MLM's at a later time.

    thanks for letting me share....

    Yours in Success,

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  2. BeAChampion

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    Quoting: work2bfreeIt appears that the network marketing, or MLM, industry has been booming!

    It is booming and I think it is because many marketers and companies have discovered together the advantages that the Internet provides in building a business or MLM downline in record time.
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    But success depends on product quality and price
  4. BeAChampion

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    Quoting: pcworkBut success depends on product quality and price

    I respectfully disagree about success being determined due to the product and price.

    Because once you know how to market correctly you can be successful no matter what the product is and no matter what the price is.

    I agree that a quality product can help your business grow versus a poor product.

    But business builders don't care about your product or your company, they care about if you have a proven system for success that they can follow and get the same results you have gotten with the same business.

    If you were making $25,000 a month just from selling forks by implementing a marketing system or knowledge, I guarantee you people would be flocking to come and work with you.

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    I think that a bleak financial future for the majority of people with an internet connection is the main reason for the network marketing explosion.

    The timing is right, the technology is there.

    Considering the fact even with an education finding a job that pays more than 40k a year is difficult, starting your own business is quickly becoming the only way to build up enough capital to become professional investors and financially free.

    Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump both agree that they would make their fortunes in network marketing if they had to start all over.

    Probably also isn't coincidence that approximately 75% of all millionaires have owned their own businesses.
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    I completely agree, Raleya. I want to start thinking like a millionaire now - I'm so excited for the opportunities we have available to us!

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