NEVER Forget The Power Of A Personal Endorsement

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by kevin664, Jul 24, 2008.

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    Think about this...

    It's one thing to send out a sales message to your
    list of prospects but a personal endorsement carries
    so much more weight.

    This type of message to your prospects seems to
    resonate with them in a profound way.

    Put it this way, you listen and respect the judgement of those
    close to you because their opinions tend to carry more weight.

    The same applies for those prospects on your list that
    you have communicated with on a frequent basis. They
    know you, they trust you. If you recommend something
    to them, aren't they more likely to take a look?

    So here is what you do...

    Send them a simple email message and share your
    true thoughts.

    By doing so, you will find that a personal endorsement
    can have a far greater impact on your bottom line
    than you ever could imagine.

    - Kevin Tyler Smith
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    I agree this works!
  4. cherie27

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    Yes. This method will work.
    Add your own personal feeling and experience to share with the rest.



    Third party endoresments are indeed a very powerful strategy to increase sales. I look for famous recognized names when evaluating companies and products or services knowing how powerful it is. I like products and services that sell themselves, and when you have a famous endorsement, it makes it just that much easier.

    Success to all, Mike
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    I agree. A personal endorsement, in my opinion, is what a testimonial is supposed to be in the first place. I should draw upon how I'm trying to make money online to try and kick-start my journalism career and get that sexy camera and studio hardware I've wanted so badly.
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    I'm watching the Inauguration, and gazing over my crystal ball...
    I predict that 2 movies will jump in hits on "need to see" lists, that being HSMusical 3 and Bolt...

    Just kidding about the crystal ball part...

    Tonight while mom & dad attend too many inaugural balls, the First Children have their choice of movies. They requested HSM 3 and Bolt...both are in theatres right now, and they get to watch them in the WH Theater Room!

    Both are owned by Disney, who is ecstatic about their choices, not to mention all the free advertising as it is "reported" on the news. And the endorsement of The Girls makes it so much sweeter!

    My son's eyes twinkled as he heard. He was just wondering what it was like to be the First Children. He thought their classmates would want their autographs, 'cuz they are "famous." I guess he doesn't realize who they attend classes with, and how famous they are!

    Having current run movies in your public-housing home ~ here's a clue! LOL There are benefits and hardships with Daddy's job.

    I bet Disney sees a rise in the stock market as these endorsements become more widely spread!


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