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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by wahmsucess, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. wahmsucess

    wahmsucess New Member

    I have a social networking site for work at home people (moms mostly) It has grown over the past year to about 900 members, plus I have another 500 in mailing lists and memberships on another site.

    I just got into mlm with a health and wellness company. I love the company and the products but am really stuck on writing an ad that attracts attention and makes people want to learn more.

    I am limited with the actual company, as I can't use their name to advertise. But I can use the name of the non profit group that has partnered with them to help women work from home successfully.

    We advertise this.....Moms helping Moms work from home type thing..

    Any suggestions? Thank you.
  2. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    Are you running out of ideas to advertise your business?

    For MLM, a different approach should be used instead of purely selling the mlm products.
  3. wahmsucess

    wahmsucess New Member


    I do not advertise my products at all. I use the non profit group to advertise along with business opportunities but it is not working at all. I am not getting any prospects. So I am looking for key words or information to help write a better ad.
  4. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Hi Krista - Cherie is right. I did mlm for several years and I really liked the Mentoring For Free mentality and the method they used, although 95% of the people using that are in the same business that the author is [​IMG]

    But they take a totally different approach and with your forum or group, it would be an AWESOME way for you as you already HAVE an audience...

    Let me know if you want the links to the stuff and I can shoot you a few . (I am afraid they will get deleted if I send them thru the post here.[​IMG])

  5. wahmsucess

    wahmsucess New Member

    Thank you Viola,

    I would appreciate any helping hands.

    I have been trying to push the "mentoring, we stick by you all the way in my ads," but even that I believe is getting old and people just are not interested is what I am seeing.

    Anyone else see a slowdown on leads or lack of quality leads?

    You can send the links directly to my email at Thank you again.
  6. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    It should be in your inbox - Good luck and have fun with it.[​IMG]
  7. Andreabeadle

    Andreabeadle New Member

    Hi there, I agree with Mountain Mom. The approach that works for me is not to advertise my opportunity at all.

    You need to put yourself in the mind of your potential customers for your products. They will be looking for a solution to a problem not a product. Look to share information on how to solve specific problems that will lead them to your products rather than the other way round.

    Equally when looking for prospects for your business, you need to think about what problems they are looking to solve.

    At the end of the day people will join your opportunity if you demonstrate that you add value and can help and support them. You need to identify what that value is for now.

    Good Luck and let us know how you get on!

  8. Franklin

    Franklin New Member

    Krista, the best way to promote your MLM is by not promoting it at all. That may sound weird but is true and works very good. If you are looking for good and powerful words to write ads, I recommend you to buy the book name Words That Sell, you can find it used on Amazon very cheap.

    But really you need to plug in to a training and free if is possible to learn how to market and generate endless leads for your business. That's how big MLMers build their empires. Good please to meet people and networking is twitter and works very well. But remember don't talk about your business right away, sell yourself first.

    I hope this helps this forum is full of great resources that will definitely will help you find effective ways to generate your own quality leads.


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