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Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by KirkhamsEbooks, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. KirkhamsEbooks

    KirkhamsEbooks New Member


    I just joined via a referal and was wondering where I introduce myself so folks know I'm not a bot?

  2. kalien

    kalien New Member

    Well it looks like many of us have found you already, but let me be the first to acknowledge you - Aloha! [​IMG]

    I would recommend searching through the forums for threads on any subjects you have questions or answers for. This forum is very well organized and chock full of friendly & wise members - you shouldn't have any trouble finding disucssions that you can contribute to or inquire about.

    Welcome again!

  3. Bigrich

    Bigrich New Member

    Hey Rick,, I'm a Rick also...

    don't need no stinkin bots.....[​IMG]

  4. opendomain

    opendomain New Member

    I'll tell you what, these bots are getting more and more complicated in their ploys. Next he'll start posting about other stuff and pretty soon he might sign up for a few things just to throw us off his bot-like trail... I'm on to you "Rick"

    [​IMG] jk Welcome to your new work at home forum home
  5. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    The first post is checked by the moderator here to eliminate bots
  6. KirkhamsEbooks

    KirkhamsEbooks New Member

    lol that's me the first AI bot, well semi-AI

  7. KirkhamsEbooks

    KirkhamsEbooks New Member

    By the way since my intro was ot and the topic Data Entry. I belong to the Paydotcom forum which mostly we get a lot of newbies. I'll bet 25% of them got into the Paydotcom forum because some of these data entry programs are mentioning paydotcom. So the noobs come in all confused because they've been doing what they were told to do and just aren't making any sales

    We motivate them to get a refund and try to steer them in the right path


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