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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by Nora001, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. Nora001

    Nora001 New Member


    I just wanted to know how is everyone doing with H*N so far?? I'm doing pretty good and its really easy to get the hang of it. Plus hours are ALWAYS available.
  2. ladyofengland

    ladyofengland New Member

    Hi Nora, started today with H*S*N but it was a disaster. i could not get the order screen to come up at all. so i just transferred my two calls to customer service. I called a PAL later who said that on my next shift it should work fine.
  3. Nora001

    Nora001 New Member

    Wow! i'm sorry to hear that! clic is a very slow program. sometimes it does get stuck. that's how i was my first day working. i really didn't know what i was doing. but i soon learned. you will soon realize that H*N Is a great company to work for. and hrs are always available.
  4. ladyofengland

    ladyofengland New Member

    Thanks so much for your encouragement. I'll see how i get on today.
  5. sands002

    sands002 New Member

    I am currently with C*t* skill but due to some tech issue am thinking of resigning and requesting another skill. Can I ask what the hourly is for H*n and how late are the hours?
  6. ladyofengland

    ladyofengland New Member

    With H*N you get at the least your state minimum wage per hour even if you get no calls during your shift. There are very late hours 2/3am.If you resign with C*t* you will have to wait for WAH to offer you another skill. And from this forum that can take a long time.
  7. lynnathome

    lynnathome New Member

    New at West at Home, I work on the Directv Camp( Training) Omg its a lot of reading ! I feel the system has a few issues and they are trying to blame me ! so i use my CSR on them (PAL) to ge t assistance, it seems to me we need to get a Pal and make them your best friend to help you get things accomplished, because they are move at a snail(s) pace, check are on time.

    any Directv Reps lets make a connection!


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