New here, new mom, new to working at home. help?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Elizabeth0223, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. Elizabeth0223

    Elizabeth0223 New Member

    I've been lurking around the forum for a while trying to find answers to the many questions floating around in my mind.

    I am 19 years old.
    I am going to be a mom in about 5-7 weeks depending on how soon my little girl decides to be born, but i'm positive she'll come early.
    The only job i've ever had is working at a Pizza Hut for over a year, and in that time I realized how much I really dislike working in a place where I have to communicate with customers, and that I have social anxiety.
    Now that i'm going to be a mom I really want to be able to be at home with my daughter and hopefully find a good at home job that doesn't involve alot of people-interaction.
    I was wondering if anyone could lead me in the right direction as to finding one of these jobs, that don't cost money, and dont require that you have been to college.
    I really need the money, especially now, with a daughter on the way and my boyfriend just got layed off from his job and is having trouble finding work. I can't afford to pay to have a job, or to go to college just to qualify for some of them.
    I have been looking into medical transcriptioning as I have a few books about it, a pedal, and a headset but I havn't found a company that doesn't ask for you to buy some package or pay for something.
    Any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. shonna27

    shonna27 New Member

    Hello and welcome!! I myself was a former burger flipper for 15 years. Trust me you havent figured how bad it really sucks yet. I managed to move up through the ranks as a salary manager but it sucked more than being a employee.

    ok enough crying! welcome to the forum, this is my favorite forum full of great suggestions on how to find legit paying things on the internet. But be prepared, what ever you do it will take some work and time. Research what ever you are looking at ask questions here nothing is stupid. If you dont find a post already on what your researching make a new post. People are very helpful here![​IMG]
  3. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Welcome Elizabeth!

    I have personally never done transcribing so I don't have any input on that but I have done several different things online and I am currently a 'happy blogger'... [​IMG]

    Except for a small investment into a training manual, I don't spend any money to make money online...

    I think anyone can make money with blogging, and using free places such as Squidoo etc, to do affiliate marketing, but I also think your learning curve will be drastically shortened if you invest into some sort of a training tool.

    There are a variety of them around and if you have browsing around the forums for awhile you have seen them. My personal favorite is Potpiegirls stuff.[​IMG]
  4. Marktech

    Marktech Member

    A lot of medical transcription sites are heavy on the hype. Some people do make good money at it but you have to have, or form a relationship with a real medical facility. There's much to learn to do the job properly. As with any work-at-home opportunity - do the research. You may be better off taking an accredited course through a bricks and mortar school.

    Working at home, for me at least, has been harder than many "real" jobs I have had.
  5. shonna27

    shonna27 New Member

    I have had alot of luck with just finding a program you like and am comfortable with and if you like forums, post your link in signatures. Now this wont make you rich overnight and it takes time to get going, like the previous post squiddo pages are great but there is alot to learn on them. My experience is you are going to need to take the time to learn what will be best for your situation and stick with it. Learn all you can on how to do it, Ask questions, and read up. If you are driven, you will suceed.
  6. Rosie1

    Rosie1 New Member

    I have done Medical Transcription in the past for a previous company I worked for. I enjoyed the medical field and the specialty(ophthalmology). So, at the time, it worked for me. There are legitimate transcription jobs out there. In the past, I have noticed several on Monster and Career Builder. Don't get discouraged, you will have to investigate and research to find a good work at home job/career. Good Luck!
  7. Sonni

    Sonni New Member

    Be careful out there don't jump into anything without thorough research on it. If it sounds to good to be true it usually is.
  8. vmohan123

    vmohan123 New Member

    Congratulations on becoming a new mom! Despite your hardships, you must be so excited! I hope you find something that works for you. Internet opportunities are a good possibility for you, what with the child and all. I recommend looking for something that comes with a lot of support and mentorship, while doing your research. I recommend looking at the Better Business Bureau website and running online company names through it just to be safe.

    Best of luck with the new life in the family [​IMG]
  9. msliza26

    msliza26 New Member

    Never pay for work there are a lot of programs out there that offers free work , check others forums before joining a program to see what people are saying about it, trust me this will same you a lot of time and money
  10. skui719

    skui719 New Member

    Hi congrats! I used to work as a waitress but I hated it because just like u, i hate communicating with customers and strangers.
    I'm also doing online business right now and it's going on very well. However, I have to warn you, there are many programs out there arent legit and u might lose money.
    I recommend you do a lot of research before joining anything.
  11. jrlehman

    jrlehman New Member

    After I had my son I was determined to stay home with. That's when I started looking into working from home. It does take tima and some hard work, but if you can find someone to help show you the ropes it will go much easier and quicker. Good luck on your new career and new family.
  12. MedTranHome

    MedTranHome New Member

    Elizabeth0223: I have been looking into medical transcriptioning as I have a few books about it, a pedal, and a headset but I havn't found a company that doesn't ask for you to buy some package or pay for something.

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Most MT companies want MTs who have completed a course, so you'd need more than books and a pedal. There are several good online MT courses that are approved by AHDI, and you can read about them here:

    You could, however, do general transcription, rather than medical transcription, and you don't need any special training to do that. There are dozens of general transcription companies that are legitimate and sometimes will hire inexperienced transcriptionists. PM me if you have trouble finding general transcription companies, and I can point you in their direction.

    Hope that helps.
  13. mr127500

    mr127500 New Member

    I agree with the find a mentor method, OR at least pick a program that compensates a person to have their downline succeed. Most programs dont incentivize their people to be true mentors, so make sure there is some sort of override or income incetive to mentor your people. There are a lot of shady programs out there and the money is not free, you will have to work for it, but once you learn it, its the best life ever, i surf 5 days a week and make more than i ever did in corporate finance!
  14. Guffin Mopes

    Guffin Mopes New Member

    You'd be surprised how popular this topic actually is, while still being practically impossible for the average person to be able to sift through the garbage that is available online.

    You need to do your research, and obviously by coming to this forum you're showing the drive to.

    One thing I would recommend is focus on finding somebody who is willing to share their successes. Find someone who has already done what you're trying to do.

    NEVER pay money up front for a work at home opportunity unless it's money you'd be just as comfortable burning in a fire in the backyard. It's probably what you're doing.
  15. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Hi Elizabeth,

    It sounds like you need immediate income for a while and would like to make it by staying at home.

    You might check out freelance sites such as They have all kinds of projects that you can look into.

    You also have an intermediate goal - perhaps medical transcription. You'll have to get proper certification to go into that. It would be best to seek out someone on the forum who has been doing that for a while to know how to proceed.

    You might send a private message to MedTranHome and ask for some help in addition to the information she's provided in this thread.

    A third option, which is something you can do in addition to the other two options, is to start your own biz based on online marketing. You can read some past threads on that right here in the forum.

    If that interests you, I suggest that you take the free 30 Day Challenge at

    By doing that you can get a good idea of what is involved in online marketing. After you complete it just come back here and ask what you might do next - provided you are interested.

    In any case, good luck and let us know if we can help,

    ~Newbie Shield~
  16. sgkul25

    sgkul25 New Member

    Hi Elizabeth, Congratulations!
    I am new here too. This is a great forum and I think you already have some great advice. I wanted to tell you about this site. I think you can transcribe for them even if you don't have experience. You need to have good typing speed though. You may have to wait for a few days to begin work though since they put people on waitlist first. Good luck!!
  17. TshirtFrank

    TshirtFrank New Member

    Hey Elizabeth!

    Welcome. I think that you are in a good spot to answer some of the questions that you have. I don't have any experience with transcription, but my advice would to you is:

    1. Research the opportunity as much as you can before diving in.

    2. I have found that it is a lot easier to get started with a program that has some initial education on the topic.

    3. Once you start to make money invest into learning how to refine your techniques to bring in more money.

    These are a few things that have helped me along the way. I wish you the best with whatever path you take! [​IMG]
  18. Natalia

    Natalia New Member

    Hi Elizabeth,
    First, Congratulations on becoming a mom! That's the hardest and yet the most rewarding job you'll ever do!
    I'm a new mom too, well, 16 months already but it feels like yesterday so everyday I feel like I'm new to it, but i'm not new at seeking to make money from home. Now, I started a home based business (finally) and am satisfied with it. But if you want a job, without having to invest any money into, I too suggest you check out some of the freelance jobs. There are companies that hire home-based employees, but most of them will put you right on their waiting list. You can try,,,,
    There are a few more, but don't take my word for it, do your own research. Also, as mentioned above, you could start blogging, and make some cash at it, but that comes with time and effort, well just like anything else.
    I wish you best of luck, I hope you find what you're looking for. Have you thought of a name for your daughter yet?
  19. mr127500

    mr127500 New Member

    give us an update, hows it going? decide on a business yet?
  20. luckey4321

    luckey4321 New Member

    I highly recommend doing extensive research on any home based business and make sure it's from a credited source.

    I've been doing this for a couple of months and it's definately hard work because working at home although it can be a lucrative business takes some priming of the pump prior to seeing real results.

    I wish you the best in this venture.

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