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Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by rpstaller, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. rpstaller

    rpstaller New Member


    It seems that there is no formal "Introduce Yourself" topic here so this seemed like as good a place as any.

    My name is Patrick. I just joined this forum today. I am new to the work-from-home-make-money-online arena. I think I can learn a lot here and I hope one day to have enough knowledge and experience to return the favour.

  2. Quinn

    Quinn Guest

    Hi Patrick!
    I just joined 2 days ago and I'm loving it here. Tons of great info with helpful people! [​IMG]
  3. Seth

    Seth New Member

    Welcome to the Forum Patrick

    Feel free to dig this site [​IMG] you'll find loads of valuable info. here
  4. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Welcome Patrick - join the club.[​IMG]

    This is my favorite work at home hangout.[​IMG]
  5. abrilward

    abrilward New Member

    Hello there... I am also new in here.. just joined today... just drop by to say HI [​IMG]
  6. kaitokid89

    kaitokid89 New Member

    me too i'm also a newbie.. and i wanna said hello to all.
    hope you guys don't mind if i ask you one or two question.
  7. Sonni

    Sonni New Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum there's a lot of things to research on the net so take your time and ask questions before you decide what it is you want to pursue.
  8. AnthonyS11

    AnthonyS11 New Member

    Hello and welcome...I am also new here, my name is Anthony. Please to meet all of you!
  9. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

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