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Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by bookguy, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. bookguy

    bookguy New Member

    Hello! I am new to the forum, although I did register several days ago after having "lurked" for a while. It has been impressive to read the various discussion threads, to see that there are others who are earning a living by acting on their dreams and interests by earning an income from home. This is important to me, as I am not ready to give up my regular job, which I happen to like, but want to do more for myself apart from just what an employer will give out.

    Everyone so far has helped give that extra nudge to me to plunge into this, though I am still looking at different project ideas to seriously pursue. There are a couple of things that are particularly interesting, but the next step is to find out where to go for more information. What has especially interested me so far, to start, is the topic of arcade web sites.

    Once again, hello! I hope to be a contributing poster at some point.
  2. Mark_Worthen

    Mark_Worthen New Member

    Welcome bookguy! This is my favorite home business forum because of the quality of the members; the owner's clear, consistent moderation; and the easy-to-read, crisp design of the site. You'll learn a lot here.

    All the Best,

  3. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Welcome bookguy - glad to have ya. [​IMG]
  4. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    Hello BookGuy,

    It is a pleasure to meet you.

    I have learned a lot here on the forum.

    What is wonderful, is if you are just not sure about a program or website, typically someone here will have advice, good or not.
    Happy New Year!
  5. tandre

    tandre New Member

    Welcome to the forum. This is a great place to learn and get encouragement from other people.

    Good luck!
  6. bookguy

    bookguy New Member

    Thanks everyone for the friendly welcome and words of encouragement. I hope to be able to learn and start contributing back to the forum in the near future.

    Happy New Year!
  7. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Welcome to the forum! Do you have prior experience in web design?
  8. bookguy

    bookguy New Member

    Hi pcwork,

    Thanks for the welcome. I have a little experience in web design, mainly with general software applications used at work. I have done a little involving HTML code as well, though not much. This is something that I want do learn more about.
  9. winma

    winma New Member

    I can't understand well, is that woman asking some more proposals for biz?
  10. glady

    glady New Member

    Glad to have you here! Looking forward to learn and share knowledge with you soon! Enjoy your stay!
  11. harmonyland

    harmonyland New Member

    Hello guys, Newbie hre!! I'm fulltime mommy of 13yrs old boy and 3yrs old girl. Wanted to hve an extra income while at home. but i'm still in direct selling in many cmpnys like and elvie pineda,whtening soap,herbalife,koreans,bangkok,thailand apparels.So, is there anyone can suggest / recommend me a legal work at home using internet. except pay per click coz i think is not true in my point of view?! Thanks!![​IMG]
  12. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    Belated greetings and welcome to bookguy. Hope you've been finding what you are looking for here in the forum. [​IMG]

    Hello to harmonyland,
    Wow, you DO sound busy! [​IMG] I don't know how you manage to keep up.

    As for suggestions for legal ways to earn an extra income while at home, what has worked brilliantly for me was learning to build websites about subjects that interested me and then earning money from the commissions made by referring products and services related to my website topics. I also earn money from Google Adsense ads placed on my sites.

    I don't use ppc or pay for any advertising. That does work if you have the time to learn to do it right and the money to experiment, but it's not my preferred method of getting visitors. [​IMG]

    Anyway, I learned through and use SiteBuildIt (SBI) to build my online income. It's a wonderful company and program. It's well worth looking into.

    Blessings to you and your family,
  13. OnlineIncome

    OnlineIncome New Member

    Hi bookguy,

    Welcome to the Work at Home Forum!
  14. campbell

    campbell New Member

    hello friends i'm new here. my name is Campbell.
    about this website all i want to say is that it is a good place to discuss work at home..
  15. davidgarcia1286

    davidgarcia1286 New Member

    Welcome, I am new to this forum myself after years of being in other forums i finally came across this forum again and signed up before forgetting a 100th time.

    Hello everyone look forward to making more new friends. Much succes to you all.[​IMG]
  16. mssypgyrl

    mssypgyrl New Member

    Hi just wanted to stop by and say hello. I am new to this forum. Looking forward to some lasting contacts and great information.

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