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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by Omaha, May 11, 2007.

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    After reading over many posts by individuals whom seem to be very eager to help others new to the scene and also have some experience in the field themselves; it has really solidified my idea of the site I wanted to create.

    The site would be similar to that of Wikipedia. A group of people coming together to help one another. Except this would be the wikipedia of business mentoring. It would be more like a think tank for businesses and business ideas. Think of it as "open-source thinking".

    Now I do not want to release too many ideas as to how I would get this off of the ground but, put simply, it would go something like this. There are individuals on the website who have a certain background/expertise in a field, such as(MLM, finance, taxes...) These individuals would be the "managers" of sub-groups which would have other members, either interested or with background in the field who would talk these ideas through, modify them accordingly to make them really solid ideas that would work in a real-world situation.

    Through open collaboration and harboring the creative spirit of many individuals I believe that businesses could increase their efficiency when coming to us with ideas and asking for help. It would be like a consultation firm. Ideas A,B, and C are sent in from businesses requesting consultation on ways to improve their current situation. The managers from the group to which it relates will decide which idea is most likely to succeed and prioritize that as project 1, 2, 3 et cetera.

    I really think this would be a fun project and help all individuals involved learn a lot about what works/doesn't work and even let them "test out" their ideas before investing time/money into their ideas. Only good things can come from something like this I believe. Yes the dark area of intellectual theft plays a role but, someone who steals an idea most likely doesn't have the capacity which is needed to understand how the idea would have to operate in order to be successful.

    I apologize for such a long winded article it was not this long in my head but, I kept coming up with more and more ideas as I continued to write. All feedback would be greatly appreciated! [​IMG]
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    If you are looking for some help creating a site like that, you may want to visit - you can hire a programmer to take care of the design and "tech stuff".
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    Hi Omaha, interesting concept you have here. If you site is really up and running, I would like to be involved in the finance part. I have a personal finance blog at [Link removed - Admin] .I am also interested in network marketing and home base business. I also have a blog dedicated to this at [Link removed - Admin] . My email is Feel free to email me if you need help. Thanks.



    Funny thing is, I was involved in a similar concept 20 years ago, so I likes it then, as I do now, but then it was way ahead of its time. Anyone who is in business understands the value of referrals by there existing clients, so my concept was to connect all these business owners, and then promote the concept to your customer base which would benefit each business with increased customer awareness, but back then we did not have the power of the internet to drive the growth needed to succeed.

    I have often thought of starting it up again, but with all these social networks which are also used to promote businesses, it has become a very crowded industry in recent years, so people are more in tune with networking today than they were when I started my consept, so I think your idea has potential.

    Good luck,

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