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Discussion in 'Profit Lance' started by moonlight, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. moonlight

    moonlight New Member

    I purchased this system two weeks & have been going through it all. There is so much to take in, I cannot get replies to the emails I am sending & I feel a bit let down especially as Mike Andrews sounds so sincere. I am trying to find out where I should start, is it best to use the "free websites" I am trying to put hoplinks from clickbank on to them but its not working, or is it best to start with your own blogging page site. It so frustrating when you can't ask anyone. I only use internet for surfing & have no knowledge of the technical side. Any help would be so much appreciated. (very happy to have found this forum)
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    You are asking in the right place now... there should be some PL people around soon, but from what I have seen from their stuff, I am not a PLer myself - is that you can use any of the Clickbank products on the PL website.

    I don't know why the hoplink is not working but maybe someone else will know that.

    I would use both - blog and the website. Using the blog to write about your niche and then directing to the PL page where you have your top three products review...

    Make sense?[​IMG]
  3. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    As mountainmom said, try creating a blog - you can get a free one at After you have found something to promote, you can write articles at and to link back to your blog to start generating some traffic.
  4. dbmoney306

    dbmoney306 New Member

    I have also been using PL for about a month. I will not be using the product review sites Mike provides, but they don't seem too bad. There are 11 sites and if you input your clickbank ID in the "edit account" tab of PL then the hoplinks will be automatically generated on the sites. These sites are live and ready for traffic.

    All you need to do is use PL traffic generation tips/tools and start bringing some traffic to the sites.

    Good Luck and feel free to contact me with questions.
  5. moonlight

    moonlight New Member

    Thank you to everyone who replied, I will try the suggestions. Thank you once again.
  6. johnjimat

    johnjimat New Member

    but try to purchase your own domain. because it less chances to make sales with free website [​IMG]
  7. moonlight

    moonlight New Member

    sorry to bother everyone again. I am using the free pl sites for practise mainly. How do you make the clickbank hoplink appear on your free website page because I can't edit it or paste anything on. So where do you put it?

    any help appreciated.
  8. dbmoney306

    dbmoney306 New Member

    The free PL Sites already have the hoplinks built in. If you have been through the introduction sections you already signed up for Clickbank and put your Clickbank ID onto the edit account page.

    This action creates hoplinks on the free PL sites for you.

    For example on the free games review site you will see links to three products with reviews. The links on these products are YOUR hoplinks. You get the credit for any sale from a click on these links.

    You can PM me if you have more questions, you sound a bit confused...
  9. moonlight

    moonlight New Member

    thank you dbmoney, I didn't realise those were the hoplinks, makes a lot more sense now.
  10. dbmoney306

    dbmoney306 New Member

    How are you planning on using the PL system to make money with these sites? Blog? Article? Squidoo?...I have yet to Squidoo, but I would be glad to share my blog and article experiences with you.

    Let me know if I can help...I'n still new to this to, but I have a couple weeks on you and I've already been putting some of this to work. I have been conmcentrating on adsense, but I will be hitting some clickbank and affilliate products in the near future

    Let me know if I can help
  11. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    moonlight: I didn't realise those were the hoplinks, makes a lot more sense now.
    Isn't it cool when things start to come together and make sense.[​IMG]

    We are cheering you on.[​IMG]
  12. moonlight

    moonlight New Member

    I think I kinda got the idea now, need a blog or website, put adsense on, then get traffic to the site by submitting articles, classified ads, join forums etc. The prob i have is finding the time, i got full time job & 2 kids, husband & a house to run but will have to get on with it cos I need a second income desperately. Wish me luck & thank you for help support everyone is offering.
  13. Hemjoe

    Hemjoe Member

    Personally i dont think the free websites given are that good, i tried using them and never made a single $. Like Getagrip said getagrip: try creating a blog - you can get a free one at After you have found something to promote, you can write articles at and to link back to your blog to start generating some traffic
    This is a great way to start out because not only do you get to implement everything that is taught in PL but its FREE to do so, so any mistakes made whilst learning are of no financial cost [​IMG].

    Good Luck [​IMG]
  14. moonlight

    moonlight New Member

    Thanks hemjoe for advice. Anyway i just wanted to let everyone know i made my first $0.10 yesterday through adsense. I know this is not much at all but at least I know the system works!
  15. Hemjoe

    Hemjoe Member

    Woo [​IMG]
    You wait till you get your first cheque, its the best feeling ever [​IMG]
  16. mjb13815

    mjb13815 New Member

    Hello moonlight,

    If you are having trouble on where to start, click on the little yellow "support icon" and then click "starting the course."

    For your clickbank ID, go to the "account tab" and put in your clickbank ID where your supposed to then update your account information. I believe this will auctomatically insert your Clickbank ID in your websites that are provided in the course.

    Good Luck

  17. moonlight

    moonlight New Member

    hello everyone,
    i am having problems with the PL website, everytime I log in it closes down. Anyone having similar problems?

  18. michelle95mil

    michelle95mil New Member

    Greetings to everyone:
    I am new to this site also, and I have recently purchased the Profit lance course. I have been going through the material and it seems as though it may be helpful, however, in these last couple of days I have not been able to log in. I have not had this problem up until now, and I can not find any contact information, technical support or otherwise to help me with my login issues. Can someone please help me with this matter, because I am growing irritated with not being able to login.

  19. drepope100

    drepope100 New Member

    anybody else having problems with PL?? once i login, my security is alerted that the site contains viruses then begins to remove them from my computer[​IMG] any help would be appreciated.
  20. michelle95mil

    michelle95mil New Member

    Greetings again to everyone/anyone:

    drepope100, I am having the same problem with logging in, but instead I am not able to login at all....On Internet Explorer or Mozilla FireFox. In Mozilla Firefox it suggest the same results having to do with a virus of some sort.

    I just starting having this problem about a week ago, not being able to login to the course. This is my 2nd or 3rd reply that I have posted on this site, and I can't find anyone that has replied to being able to get any type of technical support from Mike or his support staff. I've sent an email to:, yesterday and today but have yet to receive a response. I guess you can try and do the same. If you find any thing else that will help our situation, can you please post it on this site so that I will be able to login, as well?? Or if you come across good contact information for Profit Lance, will you let me know??


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