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  1. surferket

    surferket New Member

    New pay per landed program set to launch in Feb 2008 which promises to pay out more than Adsense because:

    1. It's a 5 sec audio advert that plays automatically every time a visiter lands on your website. There's no button nor any ad for the visitor to click. All you need to do is drive traffic to your site with the code embedded.

    2. It's a 2-level deep referral system.


    Check out:

    I'd signed up under the guru who'd pointed me in that direction.

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  2. maricel

    maricel New Member

    This is the one!!!!

    If you have a website (blog?) and currently use adsense then Pay per Play is the future, whoever or however you sign up with just sign up!

    They say that core marketing partnership now available are limited, I don't know how long or how many but this looks like something everyone who monetizes their websites should be involved in.

    Good luck

  3. moneyforgreene

    moneyforgreene New Member

    I'm with you guys! This sounds like an awesome opportunity!
  4. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    What is the minimum amount required for payout?
  5. moneyforgreene

    moneyforgreene New Member

    What I'm finding is that the ads start running Feb. 1st, and the first checks go out in March and people will be paid monthly. I'm not finding any verbage about needing to have a minimum balance to get paid. But I will check a little deeper b/c that's a good question. Either way, if you get enough people under you, or if you have good traffic to your website, it could add up quickly, according to the examples on the info page.
  6. fsagarnaga

    fsagarnaga New Member

    Does anyone know how much will they pay per ad seen?
  7. moneyforgreene

    moneyforgreene New Member

    The ads are not seen, they are only heard. The companies placing ads will have to bid on them, just like people bid on Adwords. That's why they're trying to get people to sign up now, before ads start playing on Feb. 1st. The more websites out there for advertisers to choose from, the better the bidding wars, which means the better they pay to the website owners. Here is one example from the info page: "a website that gets 135,000 visitors per month translates into 135,000 PPP ad plays per month. An advertiser will spend $3780 per month. The website owner gets 25% or $975 per month. The person who referred this website gets 5% of the $3780 or $189/mo." The dollar amount they use in the example here is an example, it could be higher or lower, depends on bidding. But hopefully that sheds some light... They have a couple other examples too. Be sure to read through it and listen to the short compensation video example. Obviously, if you don't have a big traffic site, you won't make as much, but even if you don't, you may be able to get some other high traffic site to place ads and you can make some extra money that way. And it'll inspire you to work on increasing your own traffic!
  8. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Automatic audio advert? That'll drive me away. Otherwise it might have been a good idea.


    Newbie Shield
  9. maricel

    maricel New Member

    Hopefully the audio ads will be more discrete and subtle than the usual gawky American bloke telling you how lucky you are to have found his trillion dollar opportunity. there is a lot to learn about this system and it is now being rolled out, at least the information is available to read, it is just a matter of finding the time to read it all.


  10. moneyforgreene

    moneyforgreene New Member

    There are sample ads to listen to on the info page. They are from name brand companies. They sound professional, and they're very very short. They say complaints in the past 2.5 years have been minimal. It may not be appropriate for all websites, I agree. But it does seem like the next wave of advertising, considering I never watch commercials on TV b/c of my Tivo which I couldn't live without at this point!
  11. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    Sounds good in theory.
    Don't they all?
  12. moneyforgreene

    moneyforgreene New Member

    I just got a reply from the PPP people regarding payout:

    "The minimum account balance to get a monthly payout is $25.00 You will be paid by check, paypal, direct deposit or Wells Fargo accounts."
  13. juno44444

    juno44444 New Member

    I signed up on the first day ... While it might be an audio ad, you can use it to replace Adsense Ads. That means that you free up space on your site. The Pay Per Play Ads also don't have any links for your visitors to click so they don't get led out of your site.

    And if people don't like it they can turn the sound off. You will still get paid. The advertisers decided they can take that loss.

    It looks like it will be a partial replacement for TV Ads.

    But if you want to refer other people (and get lifetime commissions on their referrals) you have to sign up now before the deadline.
  14. NanoDetonator

    NanoDetonator New Member


    So all you do is load script on your sites, and there is an embedded sound bite advertisement that you get paid for whenever someone hits your site?
  15. moneyforgreene

    moneyforgreene New Member

    NanoDetonator - That's pretty much it! I loaded the code on my webpages the other day. There are no ads yet being played though.
  16. duckbird

    duckbird New Member

    If the audio ads are heard when people visit your site, you get paid everytime this happens right?

    My question is, I often go to my own site, just to see if it's still active and nothing is wrong. Now if I have PPP on the site, will I be in violation of any rules if I access my own website? i.e. click fraud?

    Also, will PPP conflict with adsense?

    Hope the above made sense!!
  17. moneyforgreene

    moneyforgreene New Member

    PPP does not conflict with Adsense. As for clicking on your own website, I also thought about that. I have not asked them, but I would think they must have some sort of way to recognize the owner vs. actual visitors.
  18. maricel

    maricel New Member

    I also have concerns about the type of traffic that goes to websites, some of my sites that I can embed the code into are listed on various autosurf sites, whilst this traffic is virtulally useless for monetising, it does assist rankings and search engine results so can be useful. Adsense hate this sort of traffic and will cancel your account if you use it, I can not see any limitations on the type of traffic going through a site that has the PPP code on it.

    Has anyone found the t&c regarding this?


  19. marianne

    marianne New Member

    Hi - I too have joined PPP and thanks to Vishal (who kindly directed me to this topic) I have been reading all your comments.

    To me Pay per Play really makes sense!!

    Sorry maricel but what is t&c - sorry if this sounds stupid but I cannot figure out what it is!!


  20. juno44444

    juno44444 New Member


    I think it must mean "terms and conditions"

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