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  1. cost123

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    The Predator System was released to the general public on September 1, 2006 at a retail price of $1,499 or $3995.00. The Predator Marketing System and Training will be a tough act to follow, providing much more value than some of the other competitors. Anybody who is familiar with other direct sales opportunities and looks at Predator will see that it's clearly a superior option for most marketers.

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  2. WealthyWAHM

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    Predator is not PAS, so you might want to take it out of this section of the forum to avoid confusion...

    Predator is actually the new M.O.M (Mentors on a Mission) "brain child". [​IMG]

    I have actually joined and am anxious to see how this one pans out as well!

  3. cost123

    cost123 New Member

    Sorry about that.
    You are right I hope the admin can move this thread to the right place.
  4. malibumentor

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    The | Predator Marketing System | has a very strong appeal to those who wish to focus entirely on marketing and not phone work or other traditional network marketing methods. It is extremely progressive, building on the strengths of previous | automated systems |, and overcoming their obvious weaknesses.

    The partnering of | predator system | with | Veretekk | creates a complete system of | automated lead generation |, bulk emailing, multiple income streams, superior training, and the obvious cashflow potential of the system selling itself.

    When speaking with folks about the Predator System I stress that while the cashflow of Predator itself can be phenomenal, the ability to promote multiple businesses is the heart of the system and should not be ignored.

    Veretekk is an incredibly powerful system that most users will not make the effort to comprehend. This is advantageous to those of us who do understand Veretekk and its remarkable Search ENgine Optimization features.

    Many promoters of Predator will fall into paid advertising out of eagerness to get into cashflow quickly. However this is not what the training teaches. Paid advertisng is an imporant part of any internet marketing campaign, but the truly inspired promoters know how to exploit many no-cost methods.

    I have spoken with several people who could not earn a dime with other programs because they believed it was merely a matter of advertising and made no effort at Search Engine Marketing. Many bough traffic packs in the absurd hope that the myth of brainless internet income was true.... which it assuredly is not.

    I have personally nailed top positions all over the search engine using the Veretekk system and continue to improve and increase my web presence using this system. I share some of this wisdom in my newsletter :"How To Hit The Ground Running With Predator",
    linked to below.

    This is all about doing internet marketing the right way. And unfortunately for some, the right way requires the use of many marketing methods and a comprehensive strategy.
  5. Ricker

    Ricker New Member

    Quoting: WealthyWAHMPredator is actually the new M.O.M (Mentors on a Mission) "brain child".

    I have actually joined and am anxious to see how this one pans out as well!



    Is thier lead generation system as good as it's cracked up to be?

    What results are you getting from it?
  6. cost123

    cost123 New Member

    Quoting: WealthyWAHMPredator is actually the new M.O.M (Mentors on a Mission) "brain child".

    I have actually joined and am anxious to see how this one pans out as well!


    You will do really fine Christy, mark my words... [​IMG]
  7. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Veretekk | Predator Marketing System | Predator Automated System | lead generation

    I will level here: there is more to making a lot of money with Predator Automated System than relying on Veretekk. While the lead generation aspects of the Veretekk system are innovative and effective, it is far from the only method that better marketers use.

    Veretekk is amazing stuff but if you are looking for a real system that does it all for you without spending a lot of money on advetising or using your brain or doing any work, Veretekk is not it, and neither is the Predator Marketing System.

    I am prospering with Veretekk and Predator because I comprehend the real, hidden power of Veretekk, which lies in its configurability for Search Engine Marketing.

    The lead generation system does work, but it does not produce people throwing money at you within days or anything of that ilk. It requires work to understand it and consistent effort to benefit from it. Results come to those who work for them.
  8. barefootmentor

    barefootmentor New Member

    I think everyone has to remember PAS and Predator are marketing systems promoting your primary business. Predator does have the added benefit of training... teaching you how to market on the net.

    Yes Veretekk is the back bone of the lead generation techniques taught in the Predator trainings. I've been an advanced Veretekk gold trainer for over a year. Veretekk will work to promote multiple businesses including PAS. The key is to work with someone who is willing and has the knowledge to fill in the gaps that sometimes training can leave in your mind.
  9. cost123

    cost123 New Member

    Yes, excellent classes indeed. I find them very clear and informative.
    Not beeing able to assist all the live training is not a problem with the
    recording function. [​IMG]
  10. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Veretekk|Predator Marketing System|financial freedom|advanced marketing techniques|

    I have seen a lot of people join Veretekk and go nowhere with it and a few really fly with it. Success really comes down to how much desire the individual has for financial freedom.

    Cost123 is fully correct - the trainings are excellent and comprehensive. I tell my new signups to really dive in and absorb the trainings because the advanced marketing techniques I am using personally will not make a lot of sense until the basics are mastered.

    Learning to be a great internet marketer is a process of learning how the internet works ( ie. search engines, etc. ) and also learning how to reach people. The dichotomy is that the internet is a machine with no emotional life and people are emotional, spiritual beings.

    The process of mastering the distribution of information on the internet is what Veretekk and Predator Marketing System trainings teach. I am myself a product of these trainings and attribute my success to them.

    The other, less technical, though equally intangible (this being the post-information age...) is the age old one of reaching into people's hearts and igniting that often fragile hope...

    That this is possible...

    That financial freedom is attainable in 2-3 years...

    That most anybody can learn the skills to be an excellent internet marketer.

    While the name Predator Marketing System strikes some folks as mean, predatory or unfriendly, the environment of the trainings is incredibly generous and friendly. The name Predator Marketing System has to do with the way it is positioned at the top of the internet marketing food chain. A animal Predator does what is in its nature, it ascends to the top of that food chain.

    It is interesting to note that when I bookmarked my Predator Marketing System website, the icon it associated with was the Peace Sign. That in itself spoke volumes to me.
  11. tonyb

    tonyb New Member

    These trainings are excellent. This what you need if you are trying to market on the internet.

    Most of us are looking for a mentor and mentors on a mission is just that.
  12. barefootmentor

    barefootmentor New Member

    Really, tonyb... Mentors on a Mission teaches you how become a leader and mentor yourself. In the long run need to become a leader to be truly successful in your own business.

    If you are willing to show up and learn and then apply what is taught in both Veretekk and Mentors on a Mission you will be on your way to becoming a successful leader.

    Cindy McAsey
    Barefoot in the Garden
  13. tonyb

    tonyb New Member

    I agree barefootmentor,

    However, my point is people need someone to show them the ropes. In order to become a good leader you must learn to follow.

    So if all you need to do is show up and apply then the mentor has done their job.

    Thank you for your comment.
  14. cost123

    cost123 New Member

    Quoting: malibumentorVeretekk|Predator Marketing System|financial freedom|advanced marketing techniques|

    I have seen a lot of people join Veretekk and .....

    This was really a great post probably the main reason this thread is ranking so high on various search engines...

    Anyway guys, how is your Predator business doing? Are you
    experiencing bonanza times too?
  15. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Please do not resort to any tactics for making your topics rank higher in search engines. This forum already ranks well for popular search terms and I hence there is no need (and I do not encourage too) of making search terms bold.

    Search engines pay more attention to the amount of activity on a particular thread. If there's lot of activity, then the content must be worth checking and hence better ranking. So instead, post worthwhile content, that generates lot of participation.
  16. affhelper

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    Quoting: tonybHowever, my point is people need someone to show them the ropes. In order to become a good leader you must learn to follow.

    I agree! In order to make money with this I would suggest anyone to join under someone who has the right knowledge with internet marketing to guide them through.

    A lot of people join and think they will make money doing nothing, but that's not how it works. If you don't know how to promote then don't join at all or find someone who has a lot of experience to join under.

    I joined Predator because I think I can pull some sales with my marketing skills. But to be honest, I think after like 6 months down the road it will be much harder to recruit anyone because it will be heavy saturated.
  17. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Quoted from my website...

    "In internet marketing its important to stand out from the crowd, and when we just plug into a "system" we are using the same system that everyone else is using. This is very generic marketing and ignores the undisputed fact that people buy from people. Predator Marketing System is a remarkable combination of income automation and training, but it doesn't do the most essential part of marketing (other than paying for it), the creation of a unique image in the marketplace.

    The origin of my success with Predator Marketing System is my high-level of understanding on the need to have a unique presence on the net and to also present myself as a real person. There is no point to hiding being a website a-la the "Rich Jerk", this will simply not work for most people.

    You may have seen the Predator Marketing System and the Prosperity Automated System and you are wondering if its as easy to make serious money with these things as many marketers would have you believe. It is Not. But it is doable and I have done it and I can teach you to do it.

    But it takes work.

    It takes brains.

    And it takes determination.

    The real power of Predator Automated System lies not in the system sales iteself but in its long-range potential for developing multiple streams of income. DO not ignore this. Getting hung up on the profit and cash-flow potential of selling Predator Marketing System websites is short-sighted and impulsive. I have not learned how to make serious money with Predator Automated System by being implusive. I did it by thinking strategically an learning how to use sophisticated, low cost marketing techniques like:

    * Search Engine Optimization

    * Blogging

    * Writing Content

    I also advertise on the web. Consider this: most marketers only know how to advertise on the net. These marketers tell their new sponsorees to do the same thing and the result: many lose a lot of money. It as FACT. Advertising works, but it costs a good deal of money to make it work and is sucks as far as duplicability."

    Its a very workable system but does it does take some real savvy to make more than an occassional sale here and there with these things. Short, medium, and long-term strategic thinking benefit those who develop the insight to identify and act (often pre-emptively) on industry trends. The training in the Predator Marketing System is designed to develop competent marketers and eventually leaders. Many will not achieve that level of accomplishment... in many cases because they give up to easily or fail to pick a marketing technique and master it.

    I make no income guarrantees myself. My results are entirely dependent on my own actions and I make it clear that anybody who works with this system will have results only in accordance with the diligence of their marketing efforts. I feel its important that responsible marketers make it clear that results are a result of effort and that only extraordinary efforts produce extraordinary results.
  18. cost123

    cost123 New Member

    I agreed on the need to some extent of marketing.
    But really this is meant as an automated system and it should be
    enough to follow the trainings, especially those about the veretekk
  19. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Depends on how seriously you take it as a business. Personally I have Veretekk down, I am even talking with the CEOP about coming on as a volunteer trainer. Its great for a lot of stuff but if I depended on Veretekk and automation to do all my marketing for me, I would be considerably less far along than I am now.

    I am still in the trenches mind you. I am no internet marketing millionaire yet. I am always on the lookout for ways to get the word out about my unique business in new ways. There is a lot to this trade, marketig online... and its not learned by training entirely, its learned by practice.

    Marketing automation is all about setting up systems that work for us 24/7, but those systems can be set up very simplistically, or they can be set up with a degree of sophistication that brings in not necessarily more traffic, but much more highly targeted traffic.
  20. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Predator Marketing System FAQ

    A gentleman inquired in via email, here is his text and my replies.

    "Hi, I was just interested in The Predator Marketing System and had some questions. I've never operated a home based business before, but I've done a fair amount of research on them and have found that its really hard to find something or someone you can trust because of the amount of scams that are out there. Im sick of reading how to make millions quick and easy with little work, I dont believe in this at all. You seem like an honest guy, so Im emailing you. I'm just wondering what this system is all about in regards to :

    getting started?"

    Answer: 3 levels: Silver pass up 4 sales to get in profit at Gold level. cost to get started at silver $59.95 for one year.

    Gold, pass up one sale to get qualified at Gold and make $1000 per Gold sale and $1000 per Platinum Sale ($2000 passes up to your
    Platinum qualified sponsor). $1500.oo, includes extensive training to help you learn how to market and achieve financial freedom in 24-36 months.

    Platinum. Pass up one sale at Platinum to get qualified to make $3000 per Platinum sale. At present, this seems to be the most popular option.

    "any monthly fees?"

    No. Anual renewal of PAMS is $100 after the first year.

    "how do you get paid, by check?"

    Sometimes I do. 90% of the time people want to charge it though, so a merchant account is necessary.

    "how long before your first pay check?"

    Depends on how diligently and passionately you pursue your marketing. Also to some extent on how much money you are able to spend on advertising. You could get qualified and making money in as little as 2-3 days, but it will require you actually work the business assertively.

    "is this system completely automated?"

    What do you mean by that? It is as automated as it can be. you still have to market it. Automated marketing is a craft that this program teaches, but it may take quite a while to get it to the point where it works consistly and produces the ROI (return on investment) you are looking for.

    "how many hours a week would I have to spend working on this to make a little extra cash?"

    Most people want to make more than a little. I recommend dedicating one hour or more per day to learning new skills, research, writing and generally doing the business. You won't have to do phone work, so the effort can be made whenever it works for you.

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