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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by maps911, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. maps911

    maps911 New Member

    Hi. I'm new to this forum and really have been going through it and checking it out. I am finding some real answers already without having to post a question. Glad I'm not the only one with confidence problems. It's great to have a place where I can possibly get some insight. Thanks.
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Welcome maps911 - glad to have you!
  3. dula14

    dula14 New Member

    Welcome to the forum. There really is a wealth of information here.
  4. krazyladyplz

    krazyladyplz New Member

    Welcome. You've come to the right place.[​IMG]
  5. Suseysusey

    Suseysusey New Member

    I am new to this. I have no idea what I am doing here. If there is anyone out there that i can talk too, that would be great!!!
    I am a single mom of two great kids. I have worked 45 to 55 hours a week since they were born. 16 years +. It would mean so much to me if I could be home more. HELP!!!
    I am not very computer saavy... [​IMG]

    Thank you to all who are willing to help,

    [Link removed - Admin]
  6. GimmeScamFree

    GimmeScamFree New Member

    Also new and finding alot of information as well.

    Does anyone have any advise on promoting a web site? I've tried traffic exchanges, email advertising lists, and even tried handing out buisness cards here in my area. At this point I am trying this out as more of a hobby, but if I can get visitors to the site, who knows?
  7. Suseysusey: It would mean so much to me if I could be home more. HELP!!!
    It sounds that you don't have a lot of computer skills, like web-mastering, coding and SEO.

    In your case I would suggest you to start with on-line paid surveys. This will generate some income for you and your kids. Not much at first (few dollars a week), but after you get the idea and complete building your survey companies list, you can squeeze them for $500 every month as I do.

    Ask the forum, we will be happy to help (although there are some members that feel skeptical about this, don't mind them)
  8. SheilaOcean

    SheilaOcean New Member

    Welcome, I'm new too, there is sooo much to learn about making money, online, and its a great place to be here w/ others that are the same.

  9. emmaathome

    emmaathome New Member

    Hey guys.

    I'm new to the forums as well - only signed up ten minutes ago!!

    Already finding a lot of helpful hints and tips. I'm quite a young mother (though a woman never reveals her age [​IMG] ) with two kids and having worked quite hard for 5-6 years, I'm now at home during the day whilst the other half goes out to earn the money!

    Loving spending time with my kids, as they are my life; however I still feel I'm in my prime and could be putting my spare time (what little of it there is after all the usual chores!!) to better use.

    Any help people could offer to someone really with little knowledge of working from home would be much appreciated!

    Em [​IMG]
  10. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Welcome Em!

    There is so much to browse around in, on here - don't get lost...[​IMG]
  11. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

  12. melou123

    melou123 New Member

    I am new to the forum too! I have just started delving into the world of making money online. I'm hopeful and inspired by reading some of the great remarks in this forum web site. I'm really trying to make a full-time income online, so any helpful suggestions and hints for me to consider are much appreciated! Look forward to reading more and more about everyone's experiences. [​IMG]

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