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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by blackvanilla411, May 23, 2009.

  1. blackvanilla411

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    Im nineteen years old and Ive never a summer job. Either opportunities never arose at the right times or I never hounded employers enough to hire me. Im currently working through this program called My Online Income System. It is teaching me some material that is undoubtedly helpful. Still,Im a bit anxious and skeptical about what it can do for me. Im getting to a point where all my peers are getting along on their own so I look forward to finally put money on my own table. .hoping My Online Income System is a profitable outlet. To all of those that are trying to make the best of this system good luck, because Ill be needing it also. peace. [​IMG]
  2. mountainmom5

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    Welcome blackvanilla - wow, 19, good for you and I wish you much success.[​IMG]
  3. johnjimat

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    hi blackvanilla411,

    welcome to the best work at home forum on the net. wish you good luck in your my online income system [​IMG]
  4. ateamfuntimer

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    You are to be commended. I started my first home based business at an early age as well and will tell you it has been one of my best decisions. The experience I gained has been helpful in everything ive done since then. I have had my ups and downs and made money as well as lost money. Today im f/t at my own business and would like to share my thoughts as to what to look for in a business and what works.

    First you should look at your product. Is it something that people will pay for? Look at how big business markets it's products and adopt some of their methods. Be sure to understand your target market. This can be make or break for your business.

    Second learn how to market. The internet creates a innovative way for the entrepreneur to get in front of more viewers at much lower cost. Take a look at the views on Youtube. Imagine if you can create a catchy advertisement that you can market. It really is in your best interest to learn advertising.

    Constantly adapt and learn more. When I started over 20 years ago in a home based business the internet wasnt what it is now. I did most of my business building using the big meeting philosophy. Have a leader come out to a home or meeting hall and invite a large group. The method works but now I can do that using the internet or a telephone. Ive adopted my methods to meet the times. Do the same in your business.

    Learn , learn , learn and then learn some more. There is so much info out there. Find some successful people and learn what they have learned and you will do great.

    Hope this helps and good luck. My door is always open so I look forward to networking with you in the future.
  5. robinincarolina

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    Do a search on this forum for mois and you will find lots of people doing the same thing. Read it, I think there is a lot of positve feedback about it in those threads.
  6. cherie27

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    Have heard good feedback about My Online Income System.
    Just apply your knowledge into action. You will start earning.
  7. lmiller14

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    Welcome and good for you for getting into the online business side of making money! There are many great opportunities out there. Please make sure you do your research and feel comfortable with what you decide doing. Internet information can be overwhelming at times. Don't be afraid to ask questions and go get em!

    Good luck with your success
  8. samda

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    Great to see a 19 year old man in this forum.

    Thanks for sharing the knowledge. I will keep an eye on you [​IMG]


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