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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Kerosity, Jan 27, 2007.

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    Hey guy's!

    First off I want to say it's a pleasure to meet all you that I will soon be talking too..

    For a while now, i've been dibbling and dabbling through my own idea's. As you may or may not have seen, I ::tried:: working out my own business Idea (The link in my profile) but I haven't followed through with it. I was personally trying to start my own ebusiness for the sales of virtual gaming supplies, such as item's, account's, and other such things in that genre. (A lot of you may think I'm crazy and or retarded, but if you think so check out sites like and, both are big sites for selling virtual items) I hope you guys don't think I'm promoting those sites because thats certainly not the case.

    So anyway's, right now i've kinda put a stop to that, the only reason being is that I don't like in China (Not trying to be racist, but all the successful companies that run business like this have ton's of "Chinese farmers" that actually work in sweat shops for 100$ a month.. and it's very hard.. to even think that you could find that type of work in America.. lol) But needless to say it would be VERY..VERY rough to start a business competing with companies like that. So I decided to stop that idea right now and i've been running through different idea's nothing that I really liked.

    I've known for a very long time now all those "Work at home and make 4,000$ a month!" add's on the TV, and Radio, even throughout the internet and I know they are all just a load of crap. So after a while of thinking up my own idea's I finally got the bright idea "Hey if there's all those scams, there must be a good reason for them, maybe there truley is a LEGIT way to make money online..." and coming to this site, I think I found a foundation of where I can start off.

    Here's my current situation. I'm brand new, with an open mind. I've been around the internet for about.. 10 years (I'm 18 years old and i've played computer games for nearly 8 of those 10 years). I'm semi-descent to fairly new with Photoshop/HTML but I know what it takes to make a general site, working with frames etc. I work full time right now for Alltel Communication's, and it's a call center so i'm very quickly getting burnt out. I still live at home so I have very little bills (I just help my parents out) and the only other thing would be a car payment. Plus I'm getting my tax return back so I thought this would be an absolutely great idea to start looking around to maybe getting into this new world. Anyways, i'm not an internet illiterate that's retarded enough to run out to the first "get rich quick" scheme, but I have enough wisdom to understand there's still a scare of being scammed because alot of people put time and work into their idea's for scamming people. I learned this very hard through game's I played (People would work up.. mind blowing scams that helped teach me some wisdom in this area) So for once I can say im proud of my gaming experience haha.

    So anyways.. I will be looking around.. as always i'm trying to expand my knowledge in this work.. but mainly I wanted to introduce myself and wondered what it actually "takes" to start your own ebusiness or start making money online... And is it really possible to become successful enough to support yourself? Or is it just one of those "Extra side cash"types of things?
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    If you decide to start your own business, then you stay with it.
    Do your marketing for your business.

    Don't give up so easily. Be consistence and persistent.
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    Ahhh, fresh meat! [​IMG]

    Erm, I mean......welcome to the game. [​IMG]

    Well, the good news is that there are a growing number of internet millionaires who are only teenagers with great ideas.

    Check out

    I think the gaming thing is a great idea and could be developed further with a bit of work. If you have some money to spend, you could just come up with general ideas and then outsource the code work to someone on Elance / Sitepoint etc.

    There's a young guy - Mark McDonald - who has apparently made millions in this way. He just gets an idea and then outsources everything. He doesn't do a scrap of the dirty work. There's a great interview with him that you can check out here:

    Hope this inspires you! [​IMG]

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