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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by auroradraconis, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. auroradraconis

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    Hey all, just wanted to say hello and ask a few questions about the West At Home program.

    I finished training for my skill back in December and was just waiting to get what I needed to actually work (my phone did not have a plug for a head set)

    Anyway, its been a weird process thus far. When I first applied I was told there were no positions available. Then a week or 2 the "Hired" email. Sent everything in and right away was given the go ahead to choose a skill. I chose GE (since the only other one was DR)

    Completed training, showed up for webinar...only to find the one I showed up for was cancelled (The organizer never showed) I waited a week for another to come up only to find my skill was already Active. first question....Did I miss anything by not having a webinar?

    So, finally pick up some hours this week since I finally got my phone and headset and all in all I thought it went quite well. The only thing I am having trouble with is the set up that they show in training is not matching what I am seeing when I am actually in the system.

    I had 3 occasions on my first shift where the program fatal errored and I had to relaunch mid call and my last call I got completely shut out by the system and had to transfer the caller.

    Any tips for when this happens?? Anyone else have this problem?

    Last far as much leeway is there when you are first starting out. So far, looking at my performance numbers I am doing okay I think for my first time out...but I think there were a few calls that I mishandled. Is there a grace period you get before they start addressing these issues?

    Well, that's all I wanted to ask. Looking forward to working for West.

  2. ShawnFL

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    I've read they give at least 30 days for new hires to get the hang of it. As far as the system crashing, make sure you clear your cookies and are using IE. I had the same thing happen to me on my second shift. Take it slow and know that it does get better. I don't do GE, I do VMA but after a few 1/2 shifts I'm feeling more confident. Take notes whenever you find out new info. My webinar didn't offer anything I didn't already learn in training. Training was not that great, it left a lot out and put a lot in that didn't need to be there. I made myself some notes on things I new I would be using a lot and that has helped. Just do your best and you'll be fine.

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