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Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by azulthewise, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. azulthewise

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    Hi guys,

    im new here names joseph its nice to meet you all :p . Okay now here's my problem i'm 18 years of age a high school drop out and as off november iv been shot (not cuz i was doing anything wrong place wrong time) anyways as you can see im not the best person for an employer to hire iv been looking ant searching for a job for about 5months now without luck. I came accross the work at home thing thru trying to do the survey thing but that doesnt work with as i dont have a credit card (someone paid for my subscribtion to absolute survey) and the paid emails dont pay out well -_- was woundering if anyone could point me in the direction of a list of work at home companys liek cutomer service work and such could realy use it [​IMG] also would like to know of tip or method of makin 4,000 amonth if anyone here makes that much id like to learn anyways thanks in advanced guy's
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    Welcome to the forum [​IMG] I can somewhat relate to your situation. I am 23 years old and finishing up with my bachelors so I dont have much time for a 9-5 job. If you are dedicated to making $4,000 a month, click on my signature line and you can see what I do for a living. $4,000 I very doable in my industry. There are many opportunities listed on this site so just browse around a little bit and click on other peoples sig line to look at their home based business as well. If you want to chat, you can find my cell number and email listed directly on my website. Best of luck!

  3. azulthewise

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    will do checking you out as we speak [​IMG]
  4. pcwork

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    You can learn programming and web design, there are many jobs available .
  5. griffiths

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    I have some free time on tuesday. give me a call and I can give you some direction. I will help you find the opportunity that will best fit your needs.

  6. pcincome

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    Two people I think of when I read your story. If you're serious, and you commit to not giving up on your dreams, anything is possible.

    Look up the stories on Mark Hughes of Herbalife and Randy Gage of Very similiar stories BUT, they didn't let their past design their future.

    Luck and prosperity to you azulthewise

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