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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by queenrachel16, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. queenrachel16

    queenrachel16 New Member

    I recently joined the TraVerus team. So far I love it but I'm having a really hard time recruiting people. I figured that i would focus more on recruiting people than selling travel, at least for now.
    Any tips on how to recruit people without seeming overbearing?
  2. cfere

    cfere New Member

    Welcome to TraVerusTry using eTraVerus. You can buy leads from there.
    Also, check with your uline to ssee if they have any advertising co-ops going. Get on the Saturday training calls too for new ideas.
  3. buzz2u travel

    buzz2u travel New Member

    Lead with your travel products----thats never overbearing...
  4. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    I am not with Traverus but we all know what you are talking about - regardless what business we are in.

    Ever been to workathomeprofitzone dot com? You will get some awesome training on there on how to talk to people about your business without being a salesperson - the training on that site turned my business around - and it's free![​IMG]
  5. cfere

    cfere New Member

    Yeah, Danni is great. And her tips work for any business.
  6. traverus_travel

    traverus_travel New Member

    There is also a site for Traverus members looking for ways to start their business, its You can also go to the getting starting webinars, they are being held every night, and there is prospecting/recruiting webinar that is very, very helpful. If you go to it was created by a very successful Traverus agent, and her retention rate for her team members is very high.

    If you are interested in getting on the webinars, shoot me an email.

    If you need help and support, call your up line or sponsor or success coach, they are there to help you be successful.
  7. 247departures

    247departures New Member

    Don't take your focus off of your travel... the more you learn about your business (trips and travel) the more confident you will be in your approach to prospects. Soon they will look for you about that "travel" thing... As for over bearing in the beginning it's hard not to force your business on every one because your SO excited but just drip on them now... greet everyone with a smile...ask if they like to travel, wait for your yes, hand them a card and ask if they like to make money too... then walk away (smile) that's the hard part and the best part. This will create the energy (not pressed for their info) and excude the confidence that you are doing well in your business. Try it and see what happens.
  8. entrepreneur07

    entrepreneur07 New Member

  9. Franklin

    Franklin New Member

    Rachel what's working for me is twitter. Get yourself a twitter account and start making friends with people that you can relate to. Same state, same gender,same believes you get the point. But something to have in mind at first don't try to push your agenda to the people there at first.

    Don't promote your opportunity link like I see people posting the same link over and over, that's very unattractive, makes you look desperate and twitter may cancel your account.

    Remember prospecting is not different than dating. First you look than meet and get to know each other and after some time that's when the big question comes? I'm sure you are getting the point.

    Meeting someone the first time and asking them to join your business is no different than telling your boyfriend or girlfriend to marry you in the first date. Its not going to happen.

    So start from there go to twitter get an account and start following people and the people will follow you. If you want you can go and start following me and my friends there to start building your follower list.

    You must establish yourself as knowledgeable and professional person. Doing this right on twitter you will not have to sell your service or opportunity. People will come to you credit card in hand ready to join you or buying from you.

    This is the way I do it because I'm a terrible sales person and I don't like to sell. I hope this information helps you. Good luck! [​IMG]

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  10. LawrenceTam

    LawrenceTam New Member

    Don't ever ever every buy Leads.

    1) Those are used up. Most are shared and have been spoken with
    2) Why pay for them when you can generate them for free?
    3) Why pay when taught correctly on how to market TraVerus you should be getting 5/day within the week?

    Leads bought are for the lazy and won't work. You have NO clue where those were generated and how NEW they are.

    Learn to generate your own and you can then targeted specifics like marketing to build your business or your travel product.

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