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Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by blessed, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. blessed

    blessed New Member

    hello , im new to coastal and i received my package in the mail with the different vacations in it and dining card ect. and i was wondering when i send in the voucher for the dining card....can i send it now and use it locally or only on vacations? also how many copies should i make of the different vouchers? thanks!
  2. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    The dining card can be used locally.

    Who is your Director? They should help you with the package.
    It isn't that we don't want to help but your Director should be your first line of defense.

    I see you are with WCYS, there is tons of training in your back office. Who did you join under at WCYS?

    Good luck and have fun with it, it's a fun business to be in [​IMG]

  3. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    Hi Blessed,
    You can use any of the cards anywhere you want any time you want. Use them for supper tonight. The only problem I have had with my dinning card is that not all of the chain restaurants in my small town like Red Lobster and others don't participate. It is up to the specific restaurant location so just because the chain will honor the card doesn't mean that your specific location will so check on the website to make sure first.
  4. goldmills

    goldmills New Member

    When you get your cards in the mail, log on to the site on the back of the card and register the card #.

    THen log in, and type your local zip code and ones you wish to travel to and let the fun begin.

    These work ALL OVER THE WORLD not just for dining but almost every kind of travel discount imaginable.

    This ACCESS membership makes the L1 package a true international value on its on.

    So people wondering if L1 is international... you bet!

  5. ibizniz

    ibizniz New Member

    Hiya Jeff

    you are so right. Many directors sell the level I package as purely domestic, yet the access card has a ton of condo weeks available around the world. If anyone is wanting to go to Spain especially, you will be shocked at how many weeks are available there for approx $400/week (for a family 4-8 persons).

    Spain is for the Europeans like Cancun,Mexico is for the N. Americans. Great beaches, great people, wonderful food and great resorts.

    The level I package is phenomenal.

  6. jlDunn

    jlDunn New Member

    Hello all....

    I had a fellow ask some questions the other day that I couldn't answer - can you get condos for under a week? Do they have to be Friday/Saturday bookings?

    I haven't used the condo's nor am I much of a condo vacationer - he own's 8 timeshares......

    Answers would be great - Thanks
  7. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    I am taking a condo vacation through world wide travel in June. It was the glossy I received when I ordered it from the Condo order form in the package. We had to pay for seven nights no matter how long we stayed. I don't know if there are any that are for less than 7 days.
  8. CoastalToday

    CoastalToday New Member

    Hi Lindsay,

    There are condos available through the Access card (not the burn weeks) that may offer the option to stay less than 7 days.

    Eight! timeshares...good grief. I assume he rents them out?

  9. ibizniz

    ibizniz New Member


    actually you can book nightly rentals thru some of the sites using the access card
    but you will find that the prices may not be all that different if you want 4 but end up booking the 7 nights.

    We booked 7nights in Branson for $220/wk but only stayed the 5, which still worked out to be a steal.

    hope this helps

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