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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by cyberneticdna, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. cyberneticdna

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    I just joined this site and I be really interested in working at home jobs or working at home businesses. I currently am a Commericial Relationship Manager at a regional bank and I've gotten tired of working for corporations and in call centers in general. I'm looking for a change and like the idea of working at home online. I have a lot of experience working with computers and the internet, but don't have any experience working with internet marketing, affiliate networking, etc. What would be a good program to start off with for a Newb that has never done this. I have been reading around on this site and others and thought I would register for this site since everyone seems very educated on these opportunities. I don't mind having a work at home job, but would prefer a work at home business if it is more profitable. I'm looking to get into something that is very easy to start off with working between 5 to 10 hours a week. I'm not looking to make a lot of money maybe 500.00 a month would be nice to start since this is my first time. My plan is to learn something simple first and bring in a little money then expand into more projects once I do have some money coming in to purchase them. I'm looking forward to your replies!
  2. mountainmom5

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    Welcome! You will find a lot of stuff to read thru on here. Most of us have our businesses in our sig lines so you can research them at your convenience - but you are on the right track as far as being able to make more with a business opportunity than a work at home 'job'...

    Have fun researching and if youhave any questions, feel free to ask either on the forum or individually - I am assuming most people have their contact information on their websites.

  3. getagrip

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    Internet marketing is a great way to go, but it is very challenging. If, however, you are up to the challenge, and you are able to succeed, it can be quite rewarding, so I say go for it!
  4. cybermommy

    cybermommy New Member

    Welcome to the forum [​IMG]
    Firstly,what area would interest you?
    Look at the company,the compensation plan,upline support in place?
    Training,what is there and is it comprehensive?
    Product,is it a real product and is it a highly consumerable product?
    Tools,does your prospective company have tools in place to assist you in your growth?

    All these should come into play when making a choice.

    It is a learning curve,but it is SO rewarding and you do get out what you put in .

    I don't regret for a second getting into the industry!
  5. jpolito830

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    Welcome to the forum...I was also looking into internet marketing as well, any help would be appreciated!
  6. zero2001

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    A great way to get started in learning how to make money from home is to join the 30 day challenge. The teach you step by step how to create an internet business.

    8 People that took the challenge have become millionaires and it's only been going on for four years.
  7. johntanyishin

    johntanyishin New Member

    You can check out my links below. There are good information from the ebooks where you can learn more about making an alternative income online.

    I believe your experience in bank will serve you well. I work in a bank too but as a service officer.

    However, beware that there are many sites and information going around in the internet that creates hype and buying temptation.

    It's easy to get lost and confused. It's a great idea to hang out in a forum like this because you can always post questions and people will be more than happy to reply you.

    Getting your words paragraph will really help. =P


    CSGWAHM New Member

    Welcome to the forum! You're right, this is a great place to ask questions and research companies. Internet marketing is awesome, plus it's so nice to be home with my kids and only work a few hours per day around their schedule. If you have any questions, we're here to help, so just ask. [​IMG] I wish you the best!
  9. auctionarena

    auctionarena New Member

    I started off just like you... I hated my corporate job. I just made the leap. So, I started selling on eBay - 8 years later I am doing it full time, have employees, and am thinking about expanding into a larger office/warehouse. Things couldn't be better!

    I say find what you like and then go for it!!!

  10. Couchie

    Couchie New Member

    Hi and welcome to this forum,

    I also love internet marketing, it is so good to be able to stay
    at home with my family.

    You are in the right place. Just check out the sig's, but don't get
    overwelmed with all the info.

    Take your time and find the right business for you, it is out there.[​IMG]
  11. lightnin2

    lightnin2 New Member

    The two businesses listed below are two that has allowed me to work at home for the last 15 months & has more than supplied the needs for my wife & 5 kids. I am very blessed to be where I am at. The thing is we have a support team in place that give some of the best support you will find in any business on the web. When I first started I knew nothing about working from home & I think
    ( because of this teams support ) I will be able to work from home the rest of my life. I have made more income in my first year than I made in any one year in my whole life. I am blown away at what is happening.

    God Bless
    Stac [​IMG])
  12. PMHayes

    PMHayes New Member

    Welcome Cybernetic, you will find a host of possibilities in here. I suggest you click on the links in the signature files of different members. If something stikes a chord with you, you can send that member a private message asking for more information. We don't self promote in here, so I doubt if anyone will outright say "hey, look at mine, look at mine!" My suggestion, read what different members have to say in their posts, find someone who piques your interest, check out their links, and go from there. Once again, welcome to the wild wild world of home based business! It's a great ride!
  13. 21centaur21

    21centaur21 New Member

    Hi Cyber. I too am new to this forum but not new to the pitfalls of internet business. My main advice to you would be to do the necessary homework involved in finding something that interests you and even more importantly, something that you BELIEVE in. The people here are INCREDIBLY knowledgable so you're definately in the right place while just starting out.

    Mountainmom5 mentioned above that many people here have already found something that they believe in, see their signature lines, and I agree with her that this is a good place to start. Good luck in all that you decide to do!
  14. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    Hello cyberneticdna,

    I always suggest looking into the Wealthy Affiliate University.
    Not just because I am a member, and I do have a website reviewing it below, but because it is a legitimate community where you will learn to succeed an Internet Marketing, and everything you will ever need is included with the membership.

    Another suggestion is if you would like to join the Thirty Day Challenge this year.
    The pre-season training has begun and the challenge begins on August 01. Most people form teams, and help each other.
    The challenge is to make your first $10 online, and was designed for beginners.
    You will not need any money whatsoever.
    Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions!

  15. lindamia

    lindamia New Member

    Hi 21 Centaur 21,

    I found your comments and your first website very interesting. I am looking for something to start with being new to having an online business...


  16. lindamia

    lindamia New Member

    Hi zero2001,

    I'm checking ou several of the different businesses on this forum and would like more information please. I am really getting lost and frustrated and don't know where to begin....I hope no one gets insulted that I'm checking out several different member's sites...


  17. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    lindamia: I'm checking ou several of the different businesses on this forum and would like more information please. I am really getting lost and frustrated and don't know where to begin....I hope no one gets insulted that I'm checking out several different member's sites...

    Hi Linda,

    I'm sure no one will be insulted that you are checking out several different options. That's exactly what you should be doing!

    Do your research first before jumping into something. That will save you a lot of time, money, and frustration in the long run.

    When you finally DO decide on something. Give it your committed effort for at least six months to a year to see if you can build a business. It really doesn't happen over night, no matter who tries to convince you otherwise. [​IMG]

    If you have specific questions for specific members that you see and have an interest in what they do, just send them a note via private message. Most people would be glad to answer them for you, I think.

    You do that by clicking on the little envelope next to someone's user name.

    If your question isn't too personal or private, just ask in the forum and you can get a variety of answers.

    Hang in there!
  18. johnben1444

    johnben1444 New Member

    There are numerous job opportunities online. As a new i will recommend you start with something you love.

    Working online is totally different from the offline job.

    Myself am into affiliate marketing and still kind of new but i own my own website which makes it easy to control many things like earning money from adsense.

    Good luck buddy.
  19. BigMoneyJoe

    BigMoneyJoe New Member

    You made a wise decisiong to focus on growing a home business than getting into a home job.

    With your own business, you have control.

    Control over how much money you want to make. And I mean that literally.

    You've made many great idea's thrown at you, and I know how it felt when I started internet marketing years ago, but I will leave you with this piece of solid advice that's working extremely well for me:

    Build Your Asset. Build Your List.


    But chances are you'll ignore it (like i did), and realize what a big mistake it is NOT to build a list of targeted interested people in your niche.

    Hopefully, you'll get it now and avoid the struggle...or you'll go through the struggle, and come full circle back to this post.

    good luck, and have fun...cause it's a lot of fun!

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