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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by greenion, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. greenion

    greenion New Member

    "Start an 'ASK' campaign today. Find out the concerns in the minds of your customers."

    Now being that this is the first time that I am doing this, I do not know if I should put the author of this quote down. Or if I should do a dash after the quote and then the authors name. Or should just mention the e-book's author and title. I don't know yet. I am open to suggestions on how to go about using someone else content without plagiarizing.

    Nevertheless, the quote is relevant to what I'm attempting to do here with this thread. So, I will not re-invent the wheel if I do not have to. There is enough great material out there in internet universe to borrow from.

    What I wanted to do was to give my 'personal' take on the topic and see if others here either agree or disagree with me. Only constructive criticism will be permitted though. Because my opinion as well as anyone else, is intended to be directed at the newbies who show up in this forum for the first time.


    So, this is my take on how myself and a newbie can apply the quote today, without being 'overwhelmed'.

    For me, I do not have customers per se, for how I am making money online. But, what I do have in Internet Marketing is a target demographic that I would need to researched to find out what will get them to convert from searching to purchasing. And the ways to do that are plenty.

    I will not mention them again here, because a quick search through this forum should yield answers to the what and how of it. The most important thing for a newbie is to think in terms of 'what problems do my customers have to be solved?' And if they are stuck in figuring that out, they can ask themselves what solutions do I already have that I can introduce in some to the Internet market.

    Well, that is my take on this first quote of this thread. What cents does the gallery have to toss into this mix, increasing the wealth of 'knowledge' to us all?

    Thanks for reading and thanks for posting. Au revoir!!
  2. onera

    onera New Member

    Forums are good place to find people's problems and you can create ebooks that provide solutions to those problems. Great for building mailing list.
  3. NewRich23

    NewRich23 New Member

    Of course! You have to able to think like the customer to get customers. Make sense? This philosophy works extremely well when using keywords and keyword phrases as well.
  4. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    If you do a search on Google keywords and if you see that people are searching for this, then you will get people who will buy from you. When someone is looking for a solution to their problem, they are willing to pay for it.


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