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Discussion in 'Profit Lance' started by blakes, May 8, 2008.

  1. blakes

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    Hi everyone,

    I have a question regarding "Projects Series - Finding Unexploited Niches Part 4 and 3."

    Using Overture tool in part 4, he finds high traffic key words over 10000 then tries to get the domain names from these. There's not many of these around but I understand the concept and the importance of a good domain name with high traffic.

    But in part 3 with the dog training, he tells us to search for keywords for domian names with search volumes with one or more ( any volume ). These two parts seems to contradict each other?

    Also looking for Domain names, would it help to put a dash between the words? ie

    Thanks for looking!
  2. ljeb

    ljeb New Member

    You'll find more available with the dashes. The downside is if you are going to have people type your URL. They may not put the dashes in, they will get sucked into somebody else's website. When I choose a domain name I like to make it short and memorable, with small chance of being misspelled. Then make sure your meta tags have all the keywords and the keywords are high on the homepage itself.
  3. mountainmom5

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    lol - I like that[​IMG]

    I agree with ljeb that if you are going to be giving your website to someone to put into the url bar, you will want something easy to spell and that makes an impression on them. Like

    But on the other hand if it is something you are just using in online marketing I have heard pros and cons both ways of having the dash in there.

    One training manual I had said a domain with dashes may be picked up by search engines more readily than without...

    Sometimes things seem to contradict themselves especially if you have more than one course that you are using - lol - but bottom line is that we are marketers and we test things all the time...right?

    If one thing doesn't work, we tweak[​IMG]
  4. affiliate

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    My personal Profit Lance site uses a dash within it and I'd rather use a domain without the dashes. However unless you are extremely lucky and a domain name becomes available or you get creative with the name, sometimes you do what you have to do and then work with the keywords, verbiage, and meta tags.
  5. bOsiNg

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    There's a lot of domain name checker on the web and some will even give you suggestion. The shorter your domain name is, the better. Make your domain name related to what your site is about. Your site title and meta description should also contain some words from your domain name.
    When I was still looking for domain name, I use Good Keywords (there's a link on my webpage under free stuff) to search for keyword that has high traffic and then check for its availability for domain name. My domain name got a lot of variations when I check for its availability. If the name is not available, tweak it like adding some letter s on the end.

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