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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by cbrn, Oct 21, 2008.

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    My only reason for this post is for a legitimate and timely warning to all members considering investing in any online program - especially Internet Marketing ones of one kind or another.

    After you have paid for a product, are you sure who the owner of the product actually is? Especially when the only means of contact is a Troubleshooting Ticket submittal system?

    More to the point, who has actually processed your payment and what recourse do you have if the third-party processor (like PayPal) and/or the company refuses to honor the stated guarantee? [​IMG]

    Well this forum's rules forbid me from posting any thread to flame or ask for help with resolving a dispute with any specific company. Fair enough. What I don't think is against the rules is to simply issue a warning and leave it at that without any specific details of why I advise all of you to stay away from two companies.

    One is BitDefender's products which you will find all kinds of favorable reviews on. My experience with BifDefender Internet Security 2009 with Vista as my OS was not satisfactory. When you purchase this product, your payment is actually processed by a company called CitationSoft Corporation in Florida.

    My only comment is, try to get your money back from either company if you are unhappy with your purchase.

    The same goes for one other product called TweakPC 2009 whose payment is sold through a company named SWREG, Inc. in Eden Prairie, MN. There are some other connections I don't quite understand with companies called DRI and Easeus. It is interesting what many consumers have had to say about SWREG and Easeus on other anti-scam or ripoff sites. Same principle holds.. Be unsatisfied with the product and just try to get your money back.

    Foresight is better than hindsight, any day, in my opinion.

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    Nice of you to give heads up. But try not to be too desponded by this experience. If we let those crappier parts of life get to us we start to miss out on all the cool and beautiful parts of life.

    There's a lot of beauty to be seen in every facet of life.

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    It is good to read the program's faq and terms and conditions on the websites.

    Although it take time, it is good. [​IMG]
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    The moral of the story - use Avast! [​IMG]

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