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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by impactplayer, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. impactplayer

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    I guess everybody is intrigued by the possibility of making money at home while sleeping. I guess I have looked at just about all the online business opps. After diggin deeper in most cases the only people making money are either the people who started the company or very few that actually found a niche for the products.

    I'm still looking for something to do from home, but as of yet, not impressed
  2. BillChechel

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    I agree with you on one point. Everyone would love to make money while doing absolutely nothing. I know I would. But anyone who promises that is misleading a prospect in the most terrible way.

    As with any business, online or traditional store front businesses, you need to put the effort in to make it succeed. The only difference with online MLM/Networking businesses is that once you succeed, you will earn residuals. There is nothing else like it. You help others get started, train them to succeed and reap the benefits for a long period of time if not forever.

    It is a misconception that only the owners and a very few succeed. That is not my experience. I see people making sales everyday in the company I am with. And I am sure its the same in many others. But the people making the sales are the ones who treat it like a real business and are willing to do whatever it takes.

    I am glad to see that you are doing your homework though and not jumping in to the first thing you see. Keep us posted on any new findings. Good luck.
  3. pcwork

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    If you have a website with a lot of traffic, you can make money even while sleeping . But building a popular website takes time.
  4. happywife

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    Bill is right. When in comes to Network Marketing, you can build a residual income. The initial income is going to come from product sales. I think the difficulty most people face is actually building a downline. With the usual methods, it is much more difficult than it is presented.

    If people learn to harness the power of the internet, the process is much more realistic to the average person. This way, not just the owners and early entrants make money.

    Pcwork is also right. You can build a website that gets traffic 24/7 so that you are earning all the time. It does take time and lots of work, not to mention "know-how." If you can provide the time and the work, the "know-how" is available if you go to the right people (SBI, of course). [​IMG]

    You can use your site for either NM (what Bill is referring to) or other types of marketing, like affiliate marketing, direct sales, providing a service, etc.

    Keep looking around. If you are serious and sensible, you will find a good option for you. [​IMG]
  5. wealthymarket

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    Exactly. Afterall, anything worth while is going to take at least some time and effort. However, it sure is nice to be able to take a few months off here and there without having to worry about a waning income. [​IMG] I just got married over the summer, and not having to worry about income for the 3 week honeymoon was a very nice thing indeed. [​IMG]

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