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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by pennyhm, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. pennyhm

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    I got my first check recently and there were no federal or state taxes taken out of it. Is this normal? Marital status says Federal: Married; State: Single. Exemptions/Allowances says Federal: 0, Tax Blocked; State: 0, Tax Blocked. Is this because my direct deposit is still pending or will it always be no taxes taken out? Maybe I had too many exemptions on my tax forms I filled out? I can't remember and I did not save a copy. Thanks.
  2. Cicero

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    It could be a lot of different factors. When you start a new job your tax rate will be lower and go up as you make more money throughout the year as you progress through the different tax levels. You probably didn't make enough on your first check to pay taxes based on your exemptions. Your tax evel will be cumulative so I would wait and see if there are taxes on next few checks. If there are still no taxes taken out check with the company.

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