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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Grippo, Oct 31, 2009.

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    If I have a "how to" idea for something. How can I set up one of those (this is just an lame example) "Ever wanted to build a birdhouse?" "Never had luck with birds and wood" "Well now you can with my 10 step plan" blah blah...websites...

    And then when they sign up, they pay and get like weekly "emails" or downloadable documents on the secrets of building a birdhouse" etc..

    Is there a kit for all this, to minimize all the processes, auto emails, shopping cart, etc...Or do I have to set each component up one at a time, etc...

    Please advise, I 'd like to be walked through this.
  2. Dear friend,
    unfortunately in our business there are no shortcuts and no easy ways to do a quick money.
    If there were any all of us probably be a bunch of rich men hanging out in Jamaica.

    You will have to go all the way till you have your clients/site visitors and based on-line business of your own.

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    You could go about this in two ways:

    (1) You can write eHow articles about how to do your birdhouse example and get paid per page view. This is not the most conducive for promoting a affiliate product.

    (2) If you're trying to promote an affiliate product, you want to build a mailing list. Why? Gurus say time and again the money is in the list. Long before the internet came aboard, marketing companies had a list of leads. Some rented mailing lists. How do you think you got all that junk mail? Direct mail has worked for companies over and over.

    Online, however, it's illegal to snatch emails that people didn't volunteer to give. So you want visitors to opt-in, but they need a good reason why they would freely give up their name and email to you. That's where you can build a newsletter with a free bird building course that after a while links to your affiliate product. Or create a free ebook of tips with you affiliate link so they can download it easily. Either way, you have their email address.

    To do this, you'll need register a domain name, you'll need to rent an autoresponder (like Aweber) for a year, and build a splash page with content on it convincing people to sign up for your newsletter. Some people will put the opt-in box code on their blog which is usually an easier option.

    Your free content better be good. You can get writer's block trying to figure out what to tell them without giving away too much for free nor trying to look to desperate to sell.

    I recommend observing people who've already done it.

    Go look at a site called (no affiliate link in it). Notice that the girl selling her niche blogging membership has a popup promoting her free tutorial. Autoresponders allow you the option of pop-ups if you want.

    Check out her site. Then I recommend submitting your name to the pop up just to get an idea of the free info she's giving you. This will give you an idea of how to set up your own free info for your mailing list. You might want to do this for a couple sites. You can always unsubscribe later. Might as well learn from people who do it already, get some clear ideas in your head before you go spending money on all that equipment.

    P.S. If you're trying to promote your own product, then get some training before you do that. You have to market as well as sell your stuff. I recommend a guy called Steve Weber. He's got a great coaching course called Weber Internet Marketing.
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    I think your best best would be to create a digital product, sell it on Clickbank, and then market that product online so that people will buy it. For more information about how to get a product up and running on Clickbank, check this link out:

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