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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by kevinshape, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. kevinshape

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    I have been involved in MLM or network marketing for several years now. I have always found it very difficult to build a buisiness. I find the biggest problem is the constant lure of better opportunities, better products, better systems etc etc. Even if you stick it out in one program, you may still be constantly asked to learn new prospecting programs/systems every few months as some techy type invents or improves software programs. Old school methods of making a list and calling people sucks too. If only 5% or so of MLM pro's make all the money, that means that 95% or so are not satisfied. Let me get to the point...

    Why do unsatisfied MLMers continue to search for, argue over the best company/opportunity? We are all drawn to the money making potential right? Why don't all of us who are not making the big money band together and form massive co-op's of networkers? All we would have to do is all enter one program. The ones who get to enter first give their next few signups to the people who had to enter last. Would this be too hard to manage? Is this too simple it has been missed? I would like to hear all of your opinions on this idea.
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    It is a good idea and is being done at several forums now. You know a downline builder where the person after you joins using your link and the next person uses your link on and on.

    If you are involved in traffic exchanges many have downline builders for other traffic exchange programs. This can work for any program everyone would have to agree to join using the link before them. thanks

  3. kevinshape

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    Thanks for the info. I guess what I am talking about is amore organized approach to building the downline. I would see it as individual network marketers forming a group and planning who gets placed where in the organization. Then collecting another group of network marketers who are making no money and filling them into the downline. That way, the people who got placed last in the first group would gain the most in the next group. My point is that it is not productive to try to prove this industry to people. There are many out there who understand the power of it. We just need to stop sorting through plans and programs and form an intellegent co-op with enough like minded people. Make sense? Maybe I've lost it? Is there an opportunity for lunatics out there? Maybe they are all for nut cases?
  4. concetta

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    Quoting: kevinshapeMake sense? Maybe I've lost it? Is there an opportunity for lunatics out there? Maybe they are all for nut cases?

    I think I see what you're getting at but I'm not exactly sure how to go about finding a large group of like minded people. Wouldn't they all want to be in first? Also how is it decided who's company everyone is going to go in on? In theory I think this could work but not sure about in practice. Would love to hear more though[​IMG]
  5. netbiz

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    The key to finding likeminded people is to do your research and apply by trial and error. For example, I love books and I am now a part of a wonderful company that promotes self-improvement through books. So I would find my target market or "likeminded people" and promote my company. I could do this by posting to book forums, social bookmarking, blog directories, etc. Point is I found my target group and now I can advertise through trial and error.
  6. concetta

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    I'm sorry for any confusion but I meant like minded people in regard to the idea the OP was presenting not about a specific product or product type. Good luck with the book sales!

  7. tenofus

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    I think I know what you mean.

    I've been in a few different MLMs and still consider it to be the best business model ever.

    However, I always seemed to get sucked in by the fantastic opportunity only to realize my upline was greener than me and the support stunk.

    ...and then...depression set it. [​IMG] and I'd quit.

    I am now doing what I wished my sponsor would have done:

    I am actually doing all the work of building my downlines' downlines.

    I require nothing from them but to keep paying their monthly fees.

    I get paid the same amount whether I sign-up someone personally in my first level or I sign them up for my 5th level downline. So I'm getting compensated the same either way.

    I know it doesn't work for all MLMs but maybe you might be able to incorporate it into what you have.

    To Our Success,

  8. mikepressnell

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    You lost me on that one.

    ---If you get paid the same on all levels, why would you sign up someone on your 5th level? Why not put them on your first level in case he is a go-getter and builds a large team himself?

    ---How will you, singlehandedly, be able to sign up the same massive number of people that a whole team can sign up?

    I may just be missing the boat here, but I just can't understand how one person can build a large network singlethandedly.

    This is not meant to be an attact, but a question about something I don't understand. Hopefully, you can enlighten me.

    And I say all of this with love.

  9. ryanb

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    This past year I entered an MLM after essentially staying away from the system for many years. Although I still find myself just getting started (due to other responsibilities and not putting in the time), I am witnessing my colleagues experience tremendous growth. Four people entered together (my friend and three colleagues) and 10 months later have 4,000 people in their network!

    Why have they been so successful? (1) The product is amazing: pooling funds to invest in the Forex market; (2) each month they see the returns. Everyone who has invested has made money so they have a success story; (3) the credibility of the company and trustworthiness, which is enhanced by partnering with internationally recognized brokers.

    They also work together very well and have gotten the word out, created materials to send to potential investors. Every 1 out of 2 people who receive the materials join. If the leaders are able to create the right marketing materials, and have a credible product, it can lead to great success, as I have been witnessing.

    In sum, a few people working together to promote a solid business can definitely experience tremendous growth in a short time. This includes your ideas of tapping into existing networks, as well as reaching out to others, and holding regular meetings to promote the business.
  10. Savvie

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    This is something that Zion 5 is somewhat going to attempt. It just recently launched, and we are all kinda getting to know each other and seeing all the different biz opportunities that people are in. It's already worked out nice for me as the number of sign ups for my biz have more than doubled since I joined.

    What's next is yesterday Zion 5 started a countdown. In 10 days we are going to use our "strength in numbers" and all swarm over to a given site to all help each other succeed there. It's pretty much gonna be a 'test run' to a traffic site. It will be interesting to see how things work out in the future. So far we just passed 4,000 members.
  11. ateamfuntimer

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    I love the idea. Id be interested in seeing if I could help any in such a venture. The challenge I see is that most MLM'er's with big organizations already are territorial. As their downline is their bread and butter im not sure alot of them would be open to sharing as much as many would like them to. I hope im wrong but in a real world scenario I think that might be true. But with all that being said im open to helping in any capacity I can.

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