Now We Have To Call To Get Approval!

Discussion in 'ASD - Ad Surf Daily' started by freebird658, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. freebird658

    freebird658 Member

    I submitted a support ticket about the website staying in "waiting" status since my site has been waiting for approval for almost two weeks and I just got this reply:

    To enable your website you have to call customer service @ 850-627-2206 for an approval

    customer service

    That doesn't make any sense to me! Has anyone else submitted a ticket about this issue?
  2. omarN

    omarN New Member

    Wow, I guess I will have to call also. I have been waiting for about 8 days. Hope it will get approved soon!

    Take care,

  3. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member

    So someone on the other end of the telephone is going to "Approve" your Ads? I hope they have criterias set up so that one person doesn't think the ad's "Approvable" and another person think it's "rejectable".

    What if you want to put up a Dog Website and the other person on the line hates dogs?
  4. freebird658

    freebird658 Member

    So I guess everytime you want to change a website in rotation you have to call them?? That's gonna really tie up the phone lines. They forgot to mention that part on the news page.[​IMG]
    "Effective today members can no longer enable their web sites they are putting into the rotator. Just add your site and allocate credits and ASD will enable the web site."

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