OK, everyone who uses leads I need some tips!

Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by hsimpsonjr, May 25, 2007.

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    Normally I am an anti-lead person. I have had some bad experiences with them not being as "wonderful" as they had been advertised as being and now that I realize that I need to simply look at all leads as just leads and not worry so much about quality, I have decided to try it again by using the new Contact Mate software. I am going with dirt cheap, aged email leads that I can run through my Contact Mate (CM) system and let them opt in if they want and sort themselves out. For those of you who do this, do you contact your leads more than once or do you send them one email and let it go and do you find that using so called "high quality" leads are better than buying a bunch of cheap leads and running them through an automated system?
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    My theory is a lead is a lead is a lead. All of the lead providers buy the leads from the same sources. They are all surveyed leads that are then put into categories. Too many times we and others have paid $10 for a CEM Coastal Premium lead to find out the person just wanted an ipod. It stinks. So we just get leads as many as we can and work them. I hope this helps. I would love to hear more about Contact Mate and its results. I have a few associates that are getting into it and looking at myself. Our CSG MAC cost $150 a month and as we have a big team with affiliate kickbacks our system is free but I would rather spend the money for Contact Mate one time and let it work. I also see it has a call back feature. Thats great when you have a bunch of leads. When you start Contact Mate get back to us. Thanks.
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    I'm also looking for a good lead source for a mailing list. I am starting a postcard campaign with some bounceback names, but would like a good source for opportunity seekers. Anyone have any experience with a good list?
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    I would agree with A-Team on this one - a lead is a lead is a lead......what you do with it is what matters....you get them the information, whether they requested it yesterday, or a month ago, if they want it they will look....I have as much success with cheap leads as I do with expensive ones, I just don't get as stressed when the others answer "I was just curious but not really interested!"

    Good luck to ya herald!

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    Hi Harold!

    Well, 9 months into the business, I have to tell you that I LOVE old, cheap email leads... yep: a lead, is a lead, is a lead... but I also still use (in much smaller volume) more expensive, pre qualified, re-directed leads. Either way, however they come.. I wait for them to walk through the online 3 step information system and contact ME via phone or email. I let that system do the sorting for me- Lindsay is right- if they want the info, they will take a good look at it. It's there for them. Using my system allows me to spend time with the interested, quality people and balance my hours efficiently between my team members and potential associates. Its why I can work a 20 hour week (full time in coastal), work one on one with my team members in training often and intensely and still have a life!

    I'm really interested in that contact mate system actually. Now that I have leads coming in from several different sources, including my own website- I would really like a system like that to keep them organized. I can plug them into my CSG backoffice, but I do find it rather labourious beng dyslexic and with a toddler around that manifests something in me like ADD and I'm not into working lots and hate admin! Let us all know how it goes for you!

    Now, here is what I do. With that system I have set up, they are getting an ongoing email campaign. Its automated, runs in the background. Its set up, I do nothing but leave it alone. I think- just keeping it infront of them, leaving the doors open. Situations change, just because they don't look at it today, or next week- it DOESN'T mean they aren't going to look at it down the road. Peoples lives are busy. Different topics and titles catch peoples attention. Circumstances change. I'm not closing the door on them just because they don't open the very first email I send them. I am looking for people who are looking for me RIGHT NOW- WHEN they contact me. I don't care if RIGHT NOW is next week, next month or next year. RIGHT NOW is the now that is RIGHT for THEM!

    NOW, here is what I have found. When the interested people get in touch with me- that first contact is a combo follow up and qualify. It is great that they have shown me they are serious, with self starting entrepreneurial qualities. They have shown me their coachability, in as far as being able to follow simple instructions and walk through the system online (flash movie, business profile, main website/contact request). I know they have basic computer skills as well. BUT- I need to feel a "connection" with them, know I can work with them and them with me. Find out if our business ideals match- I don't care if their needs, personal circumstances and goals are different then mine.. in fact I see that as a good thing. Often a growth and learning opportunity for me as well as them. What I do care about if this is the kind of person that is going to add to my business (both personally, the csg and CV as a whole) and not take away. If this business, systema and myself can get them where they want to go. I don't care if they want $1000 a month or $1000000 in 2 years. I fully believe that the difference between a low risk decision and a gamble is INFORMATION. Sure its ABOUT THEM, its all about them and always about them- at the days end.. but I need to know that myself, my team and my system is really what is going to take them towards the goals they want to acheive. That is a hard balance to maintain, I find.. usually a qualify is about "are they right for this/csg/me?" and a follow up when they have looked at the information and seen part of the system is about "is this/me/team right for them"? If you see the difference of what I am saying- but its still about THEM? I really feel that, in this business its upside down. I WORK FOR my team members, not the other way around. They pay me that first commission to SHOW THEM THE WAY, and get them started off right- they pay me the second 2 commissions to say thanks for showing me how to do what you do, thanks for being there for me and supporting me, I'm learning all I need to know, and I'm going to go off and do it too, share what I have learned and become with others. Haha- the circle of business is much like the circle of life. Maybe thats the theme song I need- from the Lion King??

    Its like that corporate job hunting philosophy- you interview them as much as they interview you and find if there is a fit somewhere along the process. I'm INVESTING myself in my team members. I have a lot of fun, granted but I take my business very seriously. I'm playing to WIN- and I want team members that are setting out to follow me, do the same thing and IDEALLY surpass me. I LOVE being a catalyst, a teacher, a coach. It thrills me to pieces to show others the way, and I have no intentions of ever leading anyone down the garden path to merely pad my pocketbook. That is why this is a people business, in my mind.. NOT a sales business. Sure, as pointed out- we make sales to make money. But money is never EVER a solution or a problem. It is ALWAYS, in my mind- a symptom or a result.

    So, my "technique" is to have a conversation during that first conversation. Wow, what a concept, eh? I'm telling you, what I do is really nothing special! Extra bonus points for them "fit scoping" wise if they actually pick up the phone and call me before sending me tons of questions via email. Not that those people don't ever work out- but my experience tells me that they often don't have that magic. It can be developed often, if they have other entrepreneurial qualities- and then WATCH OUT they will take off like rockets. I love watching blast off! I ask them questions that will tell me they really understand and have looked at the info, and answer any they have at that time. Get to know them better personally, while introducing myself to them- as much as they tell me they need to know.

    I have a background in medical bio-ethics. So, its kind of ingrained in my head- those opposing concepts of "informed consent" and the "need not to know". My philosophy- I have had to LEARN this the hard way- is that I don't want the "I don't want to know, I just want to impluse buy" people. I don't want the people who are looking for easy, who are looking to try- I want the people who are looking for system, looking for simple, looking to DO. I would much rather do the work (and let them do some their end too) at the FRONT end. Full understanding of who, where, how, why, what. Save everyone a lot of time and frustration- and at days end- some self preservation of my name and this biz op. I'm out to help people find their success and reach their goals... sure I earn a good living in the process- but my reputation as a director who goes the extra mile and helps others while earning a living- that starts with the qualifying process. I really need to start that expectations management process right there and then- and have reason to believe that we meet each others needs on all levels. Product, system, support and training. Full stop- its all got to BE there for all people concerned.

    To ME, (and others might disagree) someone needs to completely understand the business and how it all fits together BEFORE they get onboard in order for me to help them to the success they desire. I follow a kind of checklist. Check, check, check- Do you have anymore questions for me? ABC- but at the end of the day, they are not ready if they don't have all those questions answered. THAT is why I am in direct sales, but I am by no stretch of the imagination a salesperson. Now, I do believe and realize that ANYONE with the desire CAN be successful in this business. I also know many have managed despite not having great (or any) system or less then adequate or competenat directors. Point is, it should be a smoothed path- that is why I get paid. BUT- I had to learn that even though all the information is there- in the system- and available to EVERYONE in great detail. Not e
    veryone really looks at it and understands it fully. Furthermore, there is a LOT of information- and while I am familiar with all of it as a business owner-- it took me some time too to "put it all together" too. I really needed that guiding hand of a real person in the business to ask questions of AND the "big picture" details of the system in place. I could say something here that is pretty obvious.. but I'm going to hold my tongue!! I'm not trying to poke holes here, I am trying to help as you asked for it.

    So.. what I really find super wonderful- is the Global Theatre presentation in my system arsenal. It allows people to "put it all together" and really see and experience the system and people in action- I find that the live AV format just makes it "click". Its like a final step in my mind- and people who are serious, will make the time to watch it and learn everything they need to know to be INFORMED fully. I personally find, even when they DO NOT have any questions and have it all straight in their heads- there is a tremendous benefit there. Often, other people ask questions that they did not even realize they had. Personally, I still learn something on those presentations here and there! I think they are invaluable.

    So, basically- again I let the system work and do the telling and selling for me. I am here to offer support, lead them to the next systemized step for the big picture and fill in the fine details that they ask about along the way.

    So... my advice to you is just design an ongoing autoresponder campaign that keeps putting the info in front of them and USES your system. Keep USING your system, keep guiding them back to it- don't short circuit it in haste. They need to see, understand and experience all of that system before they get into that business. Logic here is this- that will be THEIR system too- that is what they will use and do in their business as well. You have to use it- to show them how it works, so they know they can duplicate and use it TOO! Short term growing pains for long term gain. Keep an everyone wins attitude, and you will be fine. Regar
  6. susaneng

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    Thanks for your input. It sounds like you have a great system set-up for leads. Is this with your Coastal group or your own system you have set up?

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    Quoting: matiasmommymoney is never EVER a solution or a problem. It is ALWAYS, in my mind- a symptom or a result.

    Geez, nice book you wrote [​IMG]

    You said pretty much what T. Harv Eker wrote in his book "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind."

    He says: "A lack of money is never, ever, ever a problem. A lack of money is merely a symtom of what is going on underneath."

    "Lack of money is the effect, but what is the root cause? The only way to change your "outer" world is to first change your "inner" world."

    Thank You for your great input,
  8. matiasmommy

    matiasmommy New Member


    I use my CSG MAC system for EVERYTHING..

    Thanks Robert- yep, I swear by T. Harv- "secrets" are required reading/listening for new team members as well as "the secret"!

    lol.. I didn't even CATCH that! Maybe its sunk in??

    Cheers all!

    Jani Teeter
    L3 Director, CSG
  9. cashwealth

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    I'm very furtunate that leads are furnished for me. Beside that I run several splash pages. Now they the best leads you can have.
    But for your test marketing you can buy or rent an emaillist anyplace.

  10. ateamfuntimer

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    Hey cashwealth,

    Im starting more internet marketing as you then create you own personal leads. Im of the school that you can never have enough leads. So I do a variety of marketing and let people call and contact me. Ive started to do advertising on the various forum on business out there, in the networking groups, im starting youtube and well as myspace, going to do a bit of google adsense or something like it and definitely want to create some innovative landing pages. Do you have a preferred vendor? And if you do does it have any affiliiate bonuses. Ive seen a few that do and as I like to reward people that help me if the site you recommend has an affiliate id be more than willing to sign up under yours if I use the program. Ive found also that my group will follow me if we find a good product so it always means more affiliate money to anyone I join under. Id would love to open the discussion on landing page providers. Thanks in advance.

    Adam Frederick
  11. cashwealth

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    Thank you for your reply! Happy Memorial Day to All!

    Sorry, but I can't help you with that. I worked that system out in the last 9 months (even before I became Coastal member) and my system is open only for my team members. All I can say when I have 6 new sign ups, and if they wanted in, I start up a new, different promotion.

    I like your website you nailed it down really good! Excellent work! Congratulation!

  12. screamingeagle

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    Quoting: matiasmommyThanks Robert- yep, I swear by T. Harv- "secrets" are required reading/listening for new team members as well as "the secret"!

    Hi Jani:
    I just returned from T. Harv Eker's "Millionaire Mind Intensive" (MMI) in Seattle. That was one of most amazing experiences of my life! I think the MMI is for anyone who want to become very wealthy.

    Take Care,
  13. susaneng

    susaneng New Member

    Hi Robert,

    Glad to hear you attended T. Harv Eker's Millionaire Mind Intensive. I attended years ago and loved it.

    Take care,
  14. jnapier

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    I'm a vet when it comes to working leads. I can tell you that it's an art that you learn by doing. Now I MUST tell you....STAY AWAY from leads that are over $2 a lead. When you get to the $20,000 a month income level....maybe upgrade to $5 a lead, BUT stick with the low price leads.

    I've recently opened up the "secret" that took me to over $500K last you with Coastal. True, wholesale leads...between 85 cents and 66 cents each. coastalbudgetleads dot com

    hope this helps.

    Jay NaPier
    Level 3 Director/ Master Trainer
    Coastal Vacations
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    Nothing pulls up for coastalbudgetleads
    yes I replaced the "dot" with a .

  16. Shelby

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    Terri--I was able to pull it up.
    Try again
  17. screamingeagle

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    Quoting: jnapierI've recently opened up the "secret" that took me to over $500K last you with Coastal.

    Hi Jay:
    If one wanted to net over $500K per year, and I'm just getting started at using leads, what is a good quantity to start with?

    Thank You,
  18. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    HI Robert,

    Start with 300 a month and then increase as you run out of people to talk with and time to talk with them.

    Jay NaPier
    Level 3 Director/ Master Trainer
    Coastal Vacations
  19. goldmills

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    Jay are you calling leads one by one or automating it with a broadcast or contact mate feel?

  20. ibizniz

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    I have found that the price of a lead generally has little to do with the quality, I recommend using 8 question surveyed leads.

    If you are paying for voice shot for instance, it makes sense to use a better quaity lead that bulk over used unresponsive leads.

    hope this helps

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