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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by JayKanish, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. JayKanish

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    Thus far, in attempts with affiliate at online businesses, I have spent $170 approx. in the last 3 weeks. I have made $39 of that back. The 2 courses I bought were AdwordsElite (helped get me acquainted a little bit with adwords but that's it) and UltimateWealthPackage (could have flushed a 50 down the toilet and felt twice as satisfied with the money I spent). The other $70 went towards my adwords campaigns which I blame mostly on my lack of experience with affiliate marketing. So now for my question.

    I have approximately $100 in this next paycheck that I'd like to use to start actually making money online. I've looked into Average Joe, Profit Lance, Project Payday, and Wealthy Affiliate. If anyone could give me some advice on what program sounds the best for someone with the most miniscule experience possible in online marketing, I would be eternally grateful. My goal is to eventually make enough that I can switch to part-time at (or maybe even quit *fingers crossed*) my job. Again, just looking for some advice and maybe guidance on what program would give me the "biggest bang for my buck". Thanks in advance.
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  3. pcwork

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    Select some clickbank products and start selling them online
  4. arunkumarsuri

    arunkumarsuri New Member

    With any program it is your effort which will give results. If one succeeds in a program it does not mean all others will. It is better you do not spend too much of money in the beginning. It takes some time to make money on the net. If you lose a lot of money you may get frustated and give up. I have come across people who start with a big bang but give up completely even with good programs. Join those with good products and services. Try offline methods also. It seems you do not have your own site. Select a niche and concentrate on building your own site. This will be most rewarding in the long run.
  5. JaY o

    JaY o New Member

    I suggest Profit Lance, or Ave joe. Both systems have worked for me...
  6. pingbotan

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    Quoting: pcworkSelect some clickbank products and start selling them online
    Nice. That's like saying "go to the pool hold yr breath and kick your leg" for a kid who does not know how to swim. Btw, what's your website about? It seems like a page after i've disabled javascripts and pictures and also full of google ads. maybe u want to elaborate more?

    Quoting: arunkumarsuriWith any program it is your effort which will give results
    as i've always mentioned, niche researching is so important. there're literally thousands of niches that are untapped, and our ultimate goal is of course niche D&D(discovery and domination)!

    I would suggest Average Joe Marketer, Profit Lance is for intermediattes.
  7. Hemjoe

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    I like you had very little understanding of making money online and the first system i bought has been the best and that is the profit lance, i have a small report on it below if you want to check it out but basically, it covers many areas with a large amount of detail and great support with videos. It is regularly updated so you can stay one step ahead of your competitors. I have made my money back from my initial investment and i believe i can make much more if i put some more effort into it. If you do plan to go all the way with this, you have to be prepared to put the effort in at the beginning to benefit in the long run, but i wish you the best off luck and hope you can quit your day job[​IMG]
  8. Chaz T

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    As far as the $170 you spent so far, don't feel that it has been in vain. I'd chalk it up to your education. You can learn something from your experience (whether it's what to do or what not to do). I've had that "education" myself.

    You'll probably only hear this from me, but I honestly wouldn't be in such a rush to drop the $100 (if you haven't already). I'm sure the programs you mentioned above have some good reviews and may work. But take a step back.....take a deep breath and really analyze what your getting involved in.

    I say this because it will only make you a better businessman when you finally find something that works for you. It's amazing what the initial "search and study" process will teach you about yourself and if you really have the stomach to something like this.

  9. scottch

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    I too bought the Profit Lance subscription last week. I've had little to no experience marketing on the internet. There is quite a lot of material that the profit lance system covers. I'm still reviewing all the material, but from what I've reviewed so far, I would say it's been pretty informative. I've not made any money so far. But I'm still in the process of setting up my infrastructure so I can make some money. It does require a lot of time, patience and research to make money on the internet....I'll keep you posted as to how I'm doing.
  10. Hemjoe

    Hemjoe Member

    Scottch it has been over a week now i am just wondering how you are getting on with the profit lance system and so far which income streams you have tried to implement.
  11. c michon

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    Hi we all make errors in judgement about programs to join. I want to highly recommend one that has a great compensation plan, all legitimate, and the best product I have seen after much research about home business options. If interested you can get their through my web site below.

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  12. getagrip

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    I'd go with Wealthy Affiliate. The big thing with it is that you can get personal coaching and support - and that is really important considering you are doing pay per click advertising.
  13. jahman

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    From my experience it seem Project Payday is the only program online that you can predictably make some money with. The only issue I have is that its time consuming to research offers.

    Is there any program there that can at least make money in time consistently?

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