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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by mountainmom5, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    I am loving the whole Hostgator thing but am terribly frustrated with one part of it...

    The first time I uploaded the Wordpress onto a domain, it worked fine, (using Fantastico) but now when I want to do it again with a totally different domain, it is giving me fits....

    Like, instead of giving me a log in page to the admin area I just get a whole page of admin-wp files... [​IMG]

    I have asked in the wordpress forum on it...

    And then - I had this uduh moment in the shower this morning - I remembered that just maybe someone on here could help me out...

  2. Matt Zenittini

    Matt Zenittini Silver Member

    It sounds like maybe you have made a mistake in the directory you have installed it in. Using Fantastico, delete your installation and install it into the Root directory =]. If you need help I am on msn.


    That should do the trick!.

    Good luck =].

    Matthew Zenittini
  3. Matt Zenittini

    Matt Zenittini Silver Member

    Just a thought, if you are using the same CPanel to host more than one domain.. You may simply have pointing messed up and not the install?

    Just a thought. =].

    Try checking where the domain is pointing to and adjust it to the root folder with the index file for the blog.

    I am more than happy to help out.. need a little more info I think to discover the problem =].

    Matthew Zenittini
  4. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Okay so now I REALLY need to expose my sheer ignorance ... [​IMG]

    Yes, I am using my Cpanel to host more than one domain... so when I install wordpress for a new domain, what IS the root directory that it goes in - like what do I need to put in the 'install in directory' space if my main domain is montanamom5.com but the new domain that I want to install wp on is doohickey.com...

    Do I have to worry about what I put in the 'base configuration' box at the bottom??

    I tell you, I can write articles and build blogs to beat the band but this techy stuff has me pulling my eyebrows out... if you can help me figure this out, you will be my forever friend.[​IMG]
  5. Sonni

    Sonni New Member

    There are some good install WP videos on youtube on all kinds of things I always look there and usually find my answer. I too have serious issues with tech stuff it has cost me tons of time.
  6. Matt Zenittini

    Matt Zenittini Silver Member

    Ok, first of all did you add your domain through addon domains? You do not want to park it you want it to be an addon domain.

    Then you need to set up your domain to POINT to a folder in public_html. Whatever you want the folder name to be.. It does not matter, it just has to exist. I normally make the folder the same name as my domain.

    When you have that domain pointing to that folder as the home directory whatever you put in that folder will be the home directory. So if you put an index file in that folder when you go to www.doohickey.com your website will show up. =].

    So then if you install wordpress to that folder it should all sync fine.

    If you have problems with that let me know.

    I am fairly experienced with cpanel and hosting more than one domain!.

    Hope This Helps You!.... Because I am looking for a forever friend!! Haha.

    Good Luck =]

    Matthew Zenittini
  7. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Matt Zenittini: Then you need to set up your domain to POINT to a folder in public_html.
    Okay, yes, I added the domain as an addon domain but am not sure how to POINT it as you mentioned....

    I'll tell you what - I am going to go in and try to install wordpress again on my domain which is actually http://www.amishlogfurniture.com so maybe if you click on that link - it will help you identify my problem...[​IMG]

    Or... it just may work now that I am exposing it to the whole world.lol
  8. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    it didn't work - I still just get a long list of indexes or something... GRRR!

    I will work on it again later as I have other stuff to do with my time right now......
  9. WealthyWAHM

    WealthyWAHM Member

    Hmm... that's really strange... When you selected the add on domain to install to, you just selected amishlogfurniture.com and not the amishhomefurniture.MAINDOMAIN.com, right?

    Typically I would say seeing the index file list like that would imply that there is no file pointing to that page, but I can see you have an index.php so your domain should automatically pick that up and display it as home.
  10. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    WealthyWAHM: When you selected the add on domain to install to, you just selected amishlogfurniture.com and not the amishhomefurniture.MAINDOMAIN.com, right
    yes, that is what I did, but should I have chosen the amishlogfurniture.maindomain.com??

    Somewhere I am messing up in getting it pointed in the right direction... sigh... thanks so much though for all your help. I might have to see if I catch Matt on IM tomorrow....
  11. WealthyWAHM

    WealthyWAHM Member

    You did the right thing if you simply selected amishlogfurniture.com. [​IMG]

    Sorry I couldn't help more and good luck getting it fixed. [​IMG]
  12. Phil Stones

    Phil Stones New Member

    Thanks guys - all this was really useful for me working on my niches today ! cheers ![​IMG]
  13. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    Hi Mountain,

    Did you consider asking Hostgator for technical support on this one?

  14. WealthyWAHM

    WealthyWAHM Member

    Good point, A8ch! Hostgator Live Chat has helped me out countless times! [​IMG]
  15. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Hi Mountain,

    Only difference between your first domain and any domains after that on your HostGator multiple domains account is that additional domains have their own folder. It'll be in your public_html folder.

    You decide where to place WordPress when you run the Fantastico script (auto installer). Be sure to find your new domain name in the first step within the dropdown list.

    You have to run the Fantastico script so that it places WordPress in the new folder (named after the new domain).

    Do not fill in the "Install in directory" box below it unless you want the word "/blog/" in the url. I wouldn't anyhow.

    If that doesn't help, do what Hermas suggests and initiate a live chat with a HostGator Tech via the "Support" area or view the free flash tutorial vids (especially "Using Fantastico" and the "WordPress 2.7" section). Most of the techs are friendly and helpful.

    Paid hosting is difficult at first. The trade off is that it offers a heck of a lot more flexibility and capability. That's good news if you know how to look at it ;)

    Most people don't realize what they're stepping into when they sign up for paid hosting. It's far more work than they are willing to put in. It's a whole new world. Yet, with a little blood, sweat, tears, and time, it is well worth it.

    I feel that you can handle it but you have to figure most of it out alone or you'll never master it. Exhaust every possibility. When you are absolutely stuck, ask the HostGator techs. If they can't help, search hosting forums. If you still can't resolve your issue, seek answers from other related forums.

    You COULD keep asking for help on this forum, but you'll only be handicapping yourself. Paid hosting is the big leagues. Mastery is largely dependent upon your willingness to experiment and research until it works - to do almost all of the troubleshooting yourself.

    Part of what is behind that is needed competency and confidence building. Only way to do that is to figure stuff out yourself or with minimal assistance after you've tried very hard yourself.

    Good luck,

    ~Newbie Shield~
  16. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Newbie Shield: You COULD keep asking for help on this forum, but you'll only be handicapping yourself.
    Thanks NS - I needed that... [​IMG]

    I got so frustrated with it all that I was neglecting some of my other stuff so I was working on lenses and articles this past week and am now ready to tackle it again...

    I have this tendency to slack off when something overwhelms me but I am over the hump - again - and back in the swing so HG here I come to tackle thee once again and this time I will master thee.[​IMG]
  17. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member


    Every once in a while we all need a gentle nudge,
    or a swift kick in the pants to get us back on track.
    I don't know how you would categorize this, but
    so long as it gets you into the swing of things, it's
    a good thing! [​IMG]

  18. samda

    samda Member

    Well, I dont use hostgator. Its bit costly when compared to godaddy...
  19. Sonni

    Sonni New Member

    I don't even want to talk about all my fits with hosting, ftp-ing and other techie freak outs. It's part of the deal though and has to be done. I still get really nervous when I have to get into code and do something to my template.

    One wrong click and anything can happen!
  20. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Sonni: I don't even want to talk about all my fits with hosting, ftp-ing and other techie freak outs.
    Hee, that even happens with seasoned programmers when they first get into WordPress (paid hosting version) so don't feel bad ;)

    Sonni: It's part of the deal though and has to be done.
    Yep, but it's well worth it though, eh?

    It's best to study WordPress hard for a few months.

    Some issues are tweaking templates, dealing with plugins (compatibility and just flat out understanding some of the more complex ones), frequent WP upgrades, plus all of the other stuff - comments, videos, analytics, emails, security, FTPing, the logo, on top of writing, marketing, monetizing, etc.

    It's helpful to check out the codex and the extend areas of wordpress.org.

    Here are some helpful WP links:


    It's also helpful to visit blogs dedicated to the subject of WordPress.org and to watch YouTube vids.

    Sonni: I still get really nervous when I have to get into code and do something to my template.

    One wrong click and anything can happen!
    WordPress is a multi-layered, sophisticated CMS (Content Management System). It takes a long time to gain a decent level of mastery with it.

    Being that there are a lot of PHP files and quite a bit of CSS (many layers of properties and values passed on via inheritance) going on, a small alteration can have a wide and drastic affect on the appearance and/or functionality of a WP blog.

    Most folks become very frustrated in a very short period of time and give up (understandably I might add).

    Again, the best thing is to study it and to know how to code in PHP, CSS, and HTML moderately well at minimum. If a webmaster can't or won't do that then they might hire an I.T. consultant.

    Plugin compatibility alone can cause a lot of problems. Relatively speaking, only a small percentage of freebie plugin writers keep up with the WP version upgrades for a long period of time. Same is true with freebie theme creators.

    There are many freebie theme creators and freebie plugin writers these days. Due to heavy competition, very few receive a significant amount in donations for their work.

    As a result, they often cease to modify the code so that the items are compatible with the newer WP versions. Understandably, they see no incentive to continue supporting the freebie loving crowd.

    Some make money on premium themes and plugins by charging for them. A small percentage of them are quite good at keeping up with the WP version upgrades.

    Another option is to hire a good WP programmer to create a unique theme from scratch. The cost can exceed $5,000 for a real fancy set up. Then again, if you were to go that route, you'd probably be looking at hosting the site on a dedicated server, which would cost $150 or more per month.

    Dedicated servers are more secure and much better equipped to handle traffic stampedes. A webmaster will typically also receive better tech support when going the dedicated server route.

    Relatively few are ready to dish out that sort of money.

    Good news is, if you read some tutorials, you should feel fairly comfortable about doing some minor tweaks such as changing colors or whatever.

    WP is not to be feared - just respected. Bottom line is it's worth pursuing but it should be studied for a few months before hand.

    ~Newbie Shield~

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