Okay I have another... Shapen, LTD out of Des Moines - anyone?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by beccala, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. beccala

    beccala New Member

    Does anyone have any experience w/ this company. I found a few job listings and applied. I got a response back the very next day (unusual) saying that I would probably be accepted for this position... a Financial Transaction Agent... I ran across this twice before - almost the same job description and it turned out to be nothing but fraud and possible money-laundering...

    I 'googled' this company however and have found decent things/reviews? Anyone know anything specific they could share w/ me?

  2. akaponie3

    akaponie3 New Member

    I too have found this company more than once and just recently found this site. If I understood the company claimed to affiliated with Paypal and ebay. I actually managed to contact a live person at Paypal and they did check with their supervisor, they have never heard of Shapenventures.com and what information that I passed on to them they found very suspicious. I believe this company to be fraudulant and into money laundring
  3. beccala

    beccala New Member

    I'm sorry I am just now reading this reply. I wrote to this Shapenventrues guy and told him I had heard of things like this that are fraudulent and to please offer me some sort of proof that they are a legitimate business ie. banking statements, customers I could contact, product sample, etc. I have never heard back.

    LOL! Takes all kinds in this world of ours today.

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