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  1. jerrykatzman

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    My name is Jerry Katzman and I have read some wonderful things about Omega 3 pills. I wanted to invest in a business like that, what do you think? Is it worth it?
    Thank you.

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  2. makemoneyonline

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    What kind of business are you talking about?
  3. getagrip

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    I think he's talking about the Omega 3 pill business. Actually, people can eat omega 3 fatty acids in a bunch of foods like need for a pill! [​IMG]
  4. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    For vegetarians, there's flax seeds and walnuts.

    However, this seems to be a pills age where everybody is looking for solutions in pills.
  5. wapahm

    wapahm New Member

    This is unfortunate but true Vishal. [​IMG]

    People have been programed for a long time that their doctor or the next great supplement company have all the answers.

    I want share something.................
    I was diagnosed with lupus of the skin, for which I was told "they" don't know what causes it and there is no cure, BUT we have a really great treatment!

    Of course the medicine (pill) would only treat the symptoms!
    I opted out of this and decided to talk with a toxicologist directly.

    To make a long story short, she suggested a list of things for me to do. Eat green leafy vegetables, take artichoke powder, soak a linen cloth with olive oil and place over abdomen and cover with heating pad, sit in a detox sauna (this is a certain kind of sauna that detoxes down to the cellular level), don't eat beef and a host of other things.

    My point is this, I have noticed that the more green leafy veggies I eat, the swelling goes down on my skin and when I get the chance to go to the sauna my lesions almost disappear, at least they fade dramatically.

    something to think about for those that are always seeking answers from a pill!

    I do want to add that omega 3 and all vitamins and minerals can be found in food. (well used to be) The problem with our food source is the nutritional value isn't there due to mass food production, air and water pollution, it's pick from the vine before it's ripe and then cooked to death.
    Therefore depleting any nutritional value it might have had.

    So................... eat all the organic foods you can afford.
    I also believe we need vitamin and mineral supplements.
    look for a good whole food company in your home town with someone that offers products from many companies.
    I think these folks are in business for the betterment of health and not just the betterment of their pocket.

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