One year Google Adsense Income $343

Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by sarpras, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. sarpras

    sarpras New Member

    My website complete one year on June first week. I am working only 2 hours a day. Traffic of my website very bad. I want to earn $200 per month on next year. Please help me? How to get more traffic.
  2. ebay_addict

    ebay_addict New Member

    have you tried google adwords? If not, give it a shot, also try adding links to your website from other websites. Google will rank it higher in the search engines and you will probably get more traffic that way.
  3. Looking

    Looking New Member

    Making money from google adsense is kind of hard. You have to promote your website like crazy. I need to get more traffic to my blog.
  4. netjobs

    netjobs Member

    Quoting: sarprasI am working only 2 hours a day. Traffic of my website very bad. I want to earn $200 per month on next year.

    that's pretty low time on promoting ur website, you should spend atleast 5 hours a days, I am saying for free advertising, for paid advertising like PPC its ok...

    first check ur website...

    i) are you getting search engine traffic ?
    ii) are you advertising in free classifieds ?
    iii) have you link exchanged with relevant sites ?
    iv) are you collecting ur visitors emails ?
    v) are you tracking ur visitors paths ?
    vi) if ur earnings are from adsense, then have u placed adsense codes in ur website in prominent places ?

    I am not using adwords for traffic to my webiste, i am just following the above steps... if u follow the above steps, surely you can make around $500-$600 every month...[​IMG]
  5. tinabee

    tinabee New Member

    Try reading traffic strategies posted on some of the forums run by really successful online business people like

    I also found [Link removed - Admin] to be a fantastic ebook to build up a few hundred visitors per day following lots of targeted strategies. I could probably build more but I spend a lot of time trying to fix my business rather than driving traffic.
  6. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    There are several things you can do to improve traffic:

    1. Write articles about your subject and submit them to places like and You can use the resource boxes to link back to your website.

    2. Pick up articles from both of the places I mentioned above and place them on your website to get SEO traffic. Just make sure to read the "publisher" guidelines.

    3. Find other forums to post in.

    4. With regard to Google Adwords, you CAN get a lot of traffic to your site that way, but you don't want to make sure that traffic is TARGETED - and you want to make sure that the price you pay per visitor clicking on your Adsense links will outweigh the cost of your Google Adwords clicks. In order to do this, you'll need to know your average earnings in Adsense PER VISIT to your site, and compare that to the cost per click with Google Adwords. You CAN make money with Google Adwords, but it is VERY IMPORTANT to know what you are doing.

    One more thing: don't get discouraged. $343 a year isn't a whole lot, but its a start - and is better than nothing. Success will not happen over night - but it does come with hard work, time, and perseverence.
  7. Looking

    Looking New Member

    Writing articles is a easy way to get traffic. I do it.
  8. RachelleN78

    RachelleN78 New Member

    This was a very helpfull post to me as we're trying to get our website better promoted (y)
  9. razorlgacy

    razorlgacy New Member

    Yeah it does take some time
  10. trade786

    trade786 New Member

    Yeah, it's a bit lower earning compared to your tunure. But still, don't lose your heart, hard work has no substitute, You must increase your time at least 5 to 6 hours daily.

    1. Publish articles in several forums
    2. Message boards can be helpful
    3. Link exchange is another way
    4. Periodical recontact with your visitors is required.
    5. Place ads in all available free classifieds
    6. Be patient, success will sure embrace you, may take some time.

    Good luck..
  11. razorlgacy

    razorlgacy New Member

    What kind of message boards?
  12. noboss

    noboss New Member

    Great tips!


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