OneSuite is the new way to save and make long distance calls from home

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    Hey all-
    Not sure about the rest of you, but with my at-home business, I do a lot of long distance and over-seas calling. I tried a few long distance companies and every month I kicked myself for talking to my clients in the Phillipines for too long...
    Anyhow, I ditched my long distance service and started using OneSuite. You can find more on, but basically what you do is call an access number from anywhere--your home phone, your cell phone, a pay phone---even from a hotel in London----and then you dial the number you want to reach and voila! I've been paying 2 cents a minute to call France and less than a cent a minute to call my clients in Texas (I'm in NY).
    Just thought I would share this new great service. I know as someone working at home and owning my own business, every penny counts!! Try it out[​IMG]

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