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    Hello been looking into Online business Systems. It is an mlm to sell herbalife products. I ordered their "decision package" but all it is is a bunch of testimonials and tells you how good your life will be if you do this program. It seems legit but how many people actually have success with it? anyone on this board using it?
  2. I personally don't know anything about Online Business Systems but having done a google search, all I can find is bad reviews. Nothing positive.

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    Barb Thornback
    Ya I have done my own search and I came up with the same results.
  4. vinnymatrix

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    You should always lookup reviews for any system your deciding to join first. I google search the systems for reviews and I even do a youtube search to see if there is any members of the system created a proof video of the system. Video proof is very powerful.

    If your still looking for some online businesses contact me.

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    Yes, looking up for reviews is very important when starting an online business or any business. It is very helpful to know the reputation of the company or the business you were invited into.

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