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  1. dbmaxx

    dbmaxx New Member

    I just joined Operation Promised Land today and have yet to buy into "Program B". I like the way the community works with the idea of helping everyone in their business/program.

    I am going to be doing alot more research into this one. I have never been a big recruiter and may not need to be within this community. Please read some of the information below.

    Operation Promised Land is an economic empowerment group that uses strategic placement and systematic entry to help individuals to maximize their earning potential in successful companies. They are unifying their buying power toward a common financial goal.

    A cooperative group of members, Operation Promised Land is here to help each other. The administrative staff strategically places each member individually into various programs that have been thoroughly researched and chosen. Before enrolling in a program the staff will have already set up a team of members for you. Once you get the call in 3-4 weeks, you will already be setup to succeed and earn profit in the program before spending a dime!

    QUOTE: "Summary of how it works:

    You sign up to Operation Promised Land at NO COST. In 3-4 Weeks you will receive a phone call asking if you are ready to join the program and at that time you will fund the program and give them your personal information... simple as that!! (note: from what I can see this now happen within a few days with "program B")

    The programs, NOT Operation Promised Land, will pay you directly and send you a 1099 (USA Only) at the end of the year . Operation Promised Land is planning to have several programs... which means you can choose to have several streams of income!

    To grow the Operation Promise Land community, securing success for all, the concept is simple. Get 2 people to join you in Operation Promised Land and help 2 people. A community helping each other! If you can not get 2 people, you will not be left out, but of course things move faster if you can share the community with just 2 people."

    You can view informational videos on their main site:


    please let me know your thoughts.


  2. dbmaxx

    dbmaxx New Member

    Well I decided to sign up. There are weekly recorded meetings held in Florida. There is a real team build concept in play here, the following is the pay plan for Program B:

    Pay one time fee: $200.00

    Monthly Auto Ship: $120

    1st Week 0

    2nd Week Company sends you $40.00

    3rd Week Company sends you $100.00

    4th Week Company sends you $200.00

    5th Week Company sends you $400.00

    6th Week Company Sends you $1,000.00

    after week six the pay can grow beyond the $1k per week.
  3. bothblue

    bothblue New Member

    ROFL...why join the group if you're not going to sign up with any of the companies they use in order to make money?
  4. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    I think it is only available in US only.
    Am I right?

    So people from other countries won't be able to join.
  5. dbmaxx

    dbmaxx New Member

    You can join from several countries

    This is a global program, so international members are welcomed!

    The following is a list of countries available in the first program:

    * Australia
    * Barbados
    * Canada
    * Dominican Republic
    * Hong Kong
    * Korea
    * Malaysia
    * Mexico
    * New Zealand
    * Philippines
    * Singapore
    * Taiwan
    * The Netherlands
    * Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies
    * United Kingdom
    * United States
  6. kesharn2

    kesharn2 New Member

    bothblue: ROFL...why join the group if you're not going to sign up with any of the companies they use in order to make money?
    Because joining the company by yourself causes you to build your team BY YOURSELF. With OPL you bring 2 people and that's it (bringing referrals feeds the OPL system and keeps it alive). You're then contacted by OPL to join the network marketig company, but the difference is you're placed into the next available spot. The team is being built line by line, which causes everyone who joins to get paid.

    I myself joined a few weeks ago and did get my first check. I have peple in my downline that I have no idea who they are. But the spaces are continually being filled. Believe it or not, laugh at it if you want to, but I am the one holding the check.....

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