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  1. QBHeart

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    I have been working on designing some Forex Auto Trading programs that I think are starting to look pretty good. I have noticed that most of the popular "commercial" Auto Traders are being marketed with "sell pages" or what ever you call those click bank type marketing pages. I have heard that these guys are selling 2000 of their programs per week using this method.

    I have a click bank account but don't really know how to use it. I would rather do the programming and the back up rather than the marketing. So, I was wondering if anyone had the experience on this forum to maybe put something together in this regard.

    Don't really have any idea what the best pricing structure would be or anything else. since there is no advertising in the forums I guess you will have to contact me directly somehow if you are interested or have any ideas.

  2. BobFirestone

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    I wish you the best of luck in the programming. Having been a currency and commodity trader for almost 8 years I have never seen a system for sale make money especially after transaction costs and slippage.

    All the systems you see for sale are 100% marketing and selective filtering of the results to "prove" they work.

    If you want to make a ton of money selling a system focus on winning %. People who buy the system will lose money hand over fist but you will sell a ton if you can show a high enough % of winning trades.
  3. mountainmom5

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    This is all stuff that goes over my feeble head so will leave it for someone with more knowledge... good luck, though and I will learn as I read along.[​IMG]
  4. QBHeart

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    Thanks for the advise. And I have traded just about everything over the last 20 years myself. And like you never saw anything that really worked. That's why I decided to program something myself. I tried at least 1000 combinations and everything I thought might work from my manual experience. But, I also found that the computer sees things that you can't see on the chart so auto trading is really something entirely different than manual trading.

    I might note that the system I am talking about is not currently for sale on my web site or anywhere else. So, this is not a promotion thing it is an opportunty for someone who has some marketing experience and would like to talk about how this kind of product could be marketed. As mentioned unless someone is interested in marketing it I don't intend to do so myself in any big way. I developed it for my own use mostly.

    I also agree that most of what is out there is marketed in the manner you mention. I have been focusing on only high win rate configuations as a personal thing anyway - 90% or better is the performance requirement or I am not satisfied. All tests are as impartial as possible. There are also conservative and aggressive editions.

    A sample sales package is available if anyone wants to take a look at what the product will be like but this package is not the program I am offering here.
  5. ZiggyZoo

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    When I read thead like this my first thought is ..... and i though affiliate marketing was hard. Don't think i will be trying forex auto trading too soon [​IMG]
  6. Craig82

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    Hi QBHeart,

    I am trying to send you a PM but it tells me I'm not allowed to perform that action? I only made my account today so maybe that's why.

    If you're still interested, please send me a PM and maybe it will allow me to reply. I have a few ideas that may be of interest for us both [​IMG]

    All the best
  7. riyadisan

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    i love forex [​IMG]
  8. garygoh

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    I don't know much about forex trading. But one thing for sure is, the risk is VERY high!
  9. namasivayam

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    I am not able to follow this discussion.

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