Paid surveys to make some extra cash for holidays.

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by TB550, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. TB550

    TB550 New Member

    Just wondering if anybody is starting to use paid surveys to earn extra spending money to pay for there holiday shopping. I make most of my income from internet marketing but I've found the paid survey thing is working well for me (for making some quick extra money), but mostly I like it because it's convenient. As was mentioned in another thread, now is a good time to get in on this.
  2. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Not many surveys available for me, I find them very time consuming.
  3. Money4Mommy

    Money4Mommy New Member

    I am a stay at home mom and I have been earning extra income by taking surveys and completing offers online. So far it does not pay as much as a real job but it really helps when the check shows up in the mail!! Usually, I forget it is coming and I'm happily surprised to have the extra cash. [​IMG]
  4. TB550

    TB550 New Member

    This Christmas season the extra cash will come in handy. Sometimes the checks are also a surprise for me (when it comes sooner than expected).
  5. aplina

    aplina New Member

    l would love to make some extra backs, living where l live l cannot get agood paid surveys. l remember buying alist from some guy . turn out they paid very well but 80% where U.S.A BASED.
  6. TB550

    TB550 New Member

    That is true that the majority of paid survey opportunities are really good if you are USA based.
  7. Success100

    Success100 New Member

    Hello there guys..,

    I found a site that is actually legit, meaning that users report getting checks from this site. I have starting doing paid surveys through them, and while I havent been doing them long enough to recieve a check, I am inclined to believe that they most certainly will send me a check when payout time comes around, which is the 20th of each month. I also did my research and couldn't find any scam reports or anything, and some users make copies of the checks and post them online. I am not advertising for them but this looks like a great opportunity. Hope this helps out! is the url.

  8. roseliabubakar

    roseliabubakar New Member

    Another good way to make money from paid surveys is to find referrals for the paid survey panels.

    Most of the legitimate paid survey panels have referral programs, make use of them to earn more.

    Survey Savvy has one of the best referrals programs. You get $2.00 every time your referral completes a survey and you get paid $1.00 for survey your referral's referral completes a survey.

    This is residual income for as long as you are a member of Survey Savvy [​IMG]

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