Paid to surf the net? How does it work? Scam?

Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by RedRobin, Oct 2, 2005.

  1. RedRobin

    RedRobin New Member

    Any body out there know anything about getting paid for surfing websites? I have run across a few of these sites, and would like more information about how this works, or is it a scam? Any info you can help me with would be appreciated.
  2. surfer13

    surfer13 New Member

    I've just joined two sites. Studio Traffic and 12 Daily Pro. I suggest only join sites that you've seen someone recommend (from a forum you trust or whatever), I joined one and it took over my home page and was a general pain in the butt. You get paid to view the websites (you don't actually have to view them all you can have them running in the background). The more money you put in the more you make. You can keep investing your earnings and compound them. You can earn credits to advertise your own website, etc. Anyway check out the sites. These are my affiliate links - i haven't used them before!!! It helps to sign up under someone then you can ask them questions - or some sites have forums that are worth checking out. Some are free to join (just longer viewing or longer to make money, I have put in only $6-$10 to start with but the people on the forum i use have put in a few thousand - bit out of my comfort zone i think!). These people have been paid (means a lot coming from someone you don't know!)

    [Affiliate link removed - Admin]

    [Affiliate link removed - Admin]

    Remember with any internet business there is a risk - these may have been around for awhile but no-one really knows how long they'll stay.

    Good luck

    PS Have you looked into E-Currency - go to dxinone. You don't have to pay to join. It's a bit like options trading - bit tricky to get your head around but once you do quite rewarding.

    PS Are links allowed?? If not Admin pls remove. You'll find these sites by doing a google! good luck

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  3. photomom04

    photomom04 New Member

    Red Robin, I remember I tried one program when I first started working at home and I didn't feel like it was a scam but I also didn't feel like it was something you could really make money at either. I haven't tried any of the surfing programs since. I also don't like the paid to read programs. It took me almost a year with one program of reading every email sent to earn $10 which was enough to get some banner advertising and not enough to actually request cash. Quite honestly, if you want to make "serious" money from home you either need to get a work at home job or start a work at home business. I have been working at home for quite awhile and have never seen anyone succeed with any of these "easy" ways to make money. [​IMG]

  4. agentseven

    agentseven New Member

    Dear Red Robin,

    when making money on the net, you should bear in mind that you will never get rich while sleeping. Also with paid2surf programs there is work to be done. I would recommend joining surfmunkee, or, as these programs do not let your deposit expire. This makes it possible for you to have a more 'stable' income. You could then try to go for HYIP programs, but be very cautious with them. Always look for the 'snake in the grass', and act wisely.

    Below are some links to the mentioned sites. You will also need an internet 'bank account'. I recommend e-gold. All these links contain my referral number, so you will be doing me a favor when clicking on them. I say this to be honest. Honesty is the best way to become wealthy, so your wealth can be shared with others who need it.


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  5. gary99

    gary99 New Member

    Back in the booming days of dot-com madness, you could get paid to surf the net, and it really worked. Not enough to pay the bills or anything, but still enough to make it worth while. I think now most of that money has dried up. Call me cynical. [​IMG]
  6. RedRobin

    RedRobin New Member

    Hi Forum
    I tried studio traffic. The going there is pretty slow. I like 12daily pro. I'm still figuring out how these work. My suggestion is, don't try any of these unless you are using money you can afford to burn.
  7. alfa_375

    alfa_375 New Member

    Quoting: RedRobinHi Forum
    I tried studio traffic. The going there is pretty slow. I like 12daily pro. I'm still figuring out how these work. My suggestion is, don't try any of these unless you are using money you can afford to burn.

    I tried 12dailypro its worked fantastic for me. I was having two packages of $6 and $600. And surf 12 sites daily after 6 days I got paid back my money Yesterday and Today. I think 12dailypro is growing fast.

    Studio traffic I didn't tried yet. Because of the return and more job.
    But people say its long time investment. I don't have that much patience.

    Where as 12dailypro its on under 20 day give your money back with around 44% extra money wiht daily half an hour of surfing for only 12 days . I think its better to try this out fast and take your first priciple money and later play safe with only commission you got . That way your avoiding the risk of loosing money. Try 12dailypro until it stops. Good Luck
  8. masterblaster

    masterblaster New Member

    Red Robin,

    I am not sure which sites you are referring to. But my guess is, these are not scams but they pay very less. I remember that in 2000, there were many browse for money schemes which paid very less. Sort of browse for 1 hour and get some 50cents (The only condition.. you need to keep their toolbar open).
    These sites must be Web 2.0 variants of those guys [​IMG]
  9. RedRobin

    RedRobin New Member

    Hi Forum
    I like what one of you had to say about sharing your wealth. I have always been a big believer that what you share with the world, you get back in one form or the other. I find great satisfaction in helping people in need even if I don't see the rewards of my efforts personally. Even better yet, I am rewarded in many other ways that I don't expect. Personal satisfaction, financial rewards, thanks from others, and just knowing that you did the right thing because it is the right thing to do are great reasons to help people out.
  10. twnuck

    twnuck New Member

    I have tried this in the past and have received a few checks here and there. 99% of them were $10 or less. What I found out was that most of the e-mails you receive end up being contests instead of real pay for play offers. You surf their site, fill out a form, etc. and then are put in a monthly drawing or something. So yes they do pay but no it's not as straight forward as they make it sound.

  11. suny2k

    suny2k New Member

    [Previous referenced post removed - Admin]

    Hi Beth,

    please stop spreading out how often you have been paid, show proof of payments of "yourself".....
    Your referral link shows your member ID: it is 200786, so you joined a few days ago and it is hard to believe the payment pics are yours...
    If you want to promote a program giving false information how should anyone trust you and sign up under you?

    I??m with 12dp nearly since the beginning, my member ID is 14535, I know what I??m talking about, believe me [​IMG]
  12. paidtosurf

    paidtosurf New Member

    I have been working 12DailyPro since Thanksgiving which is a paid to surf program and it has been GREAT! I will warn you though, like anything else, there are some bad ones out there that will take your money.

  13. workingathome

    workingathome New Member

    If you search on autosurf forums you'll see that 12dailypro is changing lives. It is really a quick way to make money. I need to make $2,000.00 profit per month, so I put in 3k every six days. I am actually able to stay home and only work very part time. I give all new signups 50% of my commission back from their upgrade. Someone did this for me and it helped. For those who are unsure, you can just sign up for free and see how legit it really is.
  14. dynawealth

    dynawealth New Member

    I have a question, does anyone know how these auto-surf sites actually make their money? Because if everyone is just paying x and getting back y where x is the lesser amount and y is the higher amount, where does the profit factor come in?

    Do they invest our money in other programs to make more?

    Anyone know anything about this?
  15. paidtosurf

    paidtosurf New Member

    I beleive they get their money from advertisers, most likey as an affiliate to the paying source, (ie. E-gold, Stormpay) I'm sure a percentage of people forget or don't surf everyday, and I'm sure they do some other investing of some type.
    Not all are good. There are some that people have thrown together and they will do as you said. Just circulate the money until it fails.
    IMO, 12DailyPro is the perfect to how these should work. They seem to have it all together.
  16. noscamzone

    noscamzone New Member

    I spent so many hours with those paid-to-read and paid-to-surf programs and most of them are scams, the ones that are not will take forever to make enough money in order to get a payout. You can veiw a list of ptr scams at
    Just don't really expect to make any money from them.
  17. WhitePhoenix

    WhitePhoenix New Member

    HI all,
    I have never joined one of those surfing for money sites, but my sister did and ended up getting several hundred emails a day. Many of them just want you to click onto the link, but still, it took up an awful amount of time for like a penny apiece. She also ended up getting a LOT of spam from these sites.
  18. mymoney

    mymoney New Member

    I have been using 12daily pro and I think they are excellent. their servers get a little busy at times but they are very good at keeping us notified. I would highly recommend them.
    I would stay away from Surfsquare.
    SurfSquare has been horrrible but I found out too late. I initially put in $50 and always had a horrible time logging on.. that cycle ended and I put in another $60. I have yet to be paid and I have not been able to get on the site for the last 4 days. There is no answer to the payment email address and webmaster@surfsquare bounces.
    I feel I was probably scammed. I am trying a great HYIP right now, we shall see how that goes.
    Also curious if anyone has looked into globalwon? new network/lotto money game. They have just launched Jan.3rd and it if fantastic. You make money off the jackpots if you have the winning numbers and if someone in your downline wins, a portion flows up 6 levels. You make commissions off referral purchases and repurchases. If you like what you see, join and play the lotto with us...... you can use referral name: mylotto check it out...... GLOBALWON
    Best of luck in your autosurf programs!
  19. paidtosurf

    paidtosurf New Member

    I am surfing 12DailyPro and it is doing GREAT! So far, in a month's time working conservatively, I have made $700 in profit and it is growing daily. There are a lot of bad ones out there though. 12DP is about the only one I really trust. Surfer13, you had better be careful with Studio Traffic. I have heard some not so positive things about it.
  20. netjobs

    netjobs Member

    At the moment is the best paying site for Paid to Surf and I am getting Paid...[​IMG]

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