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  1. With everyone looking for the same thing, traffic to their sites, sales and hopefully building a successful business, this complete turnkey system has gotten my attention given the response I have seen to date in last two weeks alone.

    Anyone else using Passive Online Profits to build their businesses? I look for value oriented programs which everyone should be interested in given this helps everyone build there businesses while at the same time earning more than enough to cover your marketing expenses, the perfect scenario. Check out company home site for free video presentation explaining it all in detail.
  2. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Just hooked up with a guy that joined me in one of my monthly residual building businesses, since P.O.P. doesn't offer such, he's using P.O.P. successfully getting 2-3 sales a week and he's a newbie.
    I'll be his 4th sale this week, as I'm adding it as powerful marketing system.

    What is exciting is he has others that are making sales also.
    As well as his sponsor does several sales a week, per his communication to me.

    Not hyping it up just sharing what I've been told by someone that is ACTUALLY doing it.
  3. loganquinn

    loganquinn New Member

    I hate to be "negative", but this is obviously just another "push button" solution for making money online. The truth is, no such thing exists.

    If these guys were truly making money as easily as they say they are, they wouldn't be releasing their "system" to the public. They'd just keep doing it themselves, over and over again.

    (I know I would.)

  4. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    loganquinn: I hate to be "negative", but this is obviously just another "push button" solution for making money online. The truth is, no such thing exists.
    Contrary to your negative notion presented; the challenged with what you have stated is that "push button" solutions are a real fact because of advance technology. Push button to me means that a lot of manual processes of the past can be done with the push of a button to make you money online, such as the instant capture pages and instant uploading of autoresponder messages, and the like.

    However, "push button" solutions are in all walks of life now, so one can't isolate this to just making money online to make it seem an exception to the rule or facts.

    The saying of "if it sounds to good to be true then it is" was only applicable prior to the internet and advances of technology, if it was ever applicable. Therefore, if it sounds to good to be true, especially these days, that doesn't mean Not to take a good look. In reality it may mean the opposite, particularly if it related to software and technology providing automation.

    loganquinn: If these guys were truly making money as easily as they say they are, they wouldn't be releasing their "system" to the public. They'd just keep doing it themselves, over and over again.
    Now as to this statement here, I think it is a sad reflection of the state of thinking of people that reflects a deep fear or selfishness about the availability of the good things in life.

    I don't know if you are in such a state of being, because such comments are often repeated as people take thoughts from others without critical analysis themselves, so don't see this as some outright personal attack, my reply is stated in respect to that line of thought or ideology.

    The ideal that one must keep it all too themselves to make all the money is rooted in the belief that one can make all the money. It reflects that giving does not lay the seeds for the harvest of receiving. We have far too many inventions that have made our lives more comfortable and enjoyable as a result of someone initially looking for their own personal solution(s), that then resulted in sharing that good thing with others. Even if its about making money. We see that on this forum ALL THE TIME!

    Thus, no they would not keep it all to themselves, because there is more than enough to go around. And while it's a fact that everyone will not make the same amount of money with the Passive Online Profits opportunity/system as another other person, very often from a failure to take the same type of action as the person, or maybe just they aren't due such blessings, whatever the situation may be, but believing that it would only be true if someone was going to horde the information/system or whatever is completely void of the real world facts that show that people are making money from a vast of other things that people have shared, as well as the person that shared it.

    Do these people that shared their ideal make money, sure, that is the American way, but being selfish with a good thing when there is enough to go around, contrary to the scarcity thoughts that prevail in some people, is what will lead to a one being without than receiving more blessings, cashflow, and an abundant lifestyle.

    That being said, when a newbie uses an automated marketing system, or anything for making money working from home, to make around $7k in his first online marketing venture with a "push button" system in 5 weeks then its worth taking a look.

    When many others he's introduced in that same 5 weeks, apply the same "push button" marketing start making their respective money, then its worth serious consideration to take advantage of, as far as I see it. This is not hype these are facts that can be backed up.

    However, ever even if one doesn't accept such stories, the real question with any opportunity is do YOU see an opportunity for yourself to succeed with what is presented.

    Now let's close with this one fact, Passive Online Profits offers the lowest voice broadcast marketing rate of any of the others I've seen, and that is only one of their online/automated marketing tools. We know that Ibuzz voice broadcasting software marketing system and opportunity has been successful for the 6 years, and apparently continues to thrive.

    Therefore, it is not unreasonable to conclude that Passive Online Profits can offer a sustainable long term way for many to generate "push button" income working from home, with their similar tools for success, plus a lot more.

    While I don't know if the value they put on each feature of the system is wholly accurate, I know that my autoresponder alone has cost me more in 5 years of successful online marketing than what I paid and receive all together with P.O.P. and thus the value is there without question for all that a person receives for the one-time price, which is most important. Having it the system make you money also, can be "priceless."
  5. KarenSmith67

    KarenSmith67 New Member

    I tend to disagree with the comment, "If these guys were truly making money as easily as they say they are, they wouldn't be releasing their "system" to the public. They'd just keep doing it themselves, over and over again." You would not want others to be successful? If this is your thought process, it is a sad one to say the least. My ultimate goal is to be successful and help others do the same. I wish I had the knowledge to provide such a program to others. What a wonderful way to give back!

    If I had a system in place that helped everyone build their business, you bet I would share it with others. There is nothing better than having a tool that helps me, as well as others be successful with an online business.
  6. Interesting,

    You will soon learn that every system or program like P.O.P. will eventually go public, especially when they work, and why, it is called leverage. Sure, you can make money by keeping it to yourself, but as anyone on this forum must know by now, leverage is what you want to achieve in any business, having others duplicate your efforts, and so in every case, the smart guru's release their secrets to public eventually, nothing new, this is they pattern which has been well documented over the years.

    Success to all,
  7. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    P.O.P. just added an email blaster. Allowing one to upload leads to email. This feature along puts it way past the value of getting started and provides a very powerful automated marketing tools system for anyone to use for any business to in enhance their marketing.
  8. tkackley

    tkackley New Member

    P.O.P. is a total ripoff!!! They do not even have an email blaster like you said. The company stated that the email blaster is not available because of SPAM issues, but they still promote it on their website. You don't find out until after you sign up and pay them. Here is the real rub - they admitted that they could not provide me with an email blast program and then stated "There are no refunds. Have a nice day." Can you believe these ripoff artists that took my money and then told me to "have a nice day." Don't get near this program because I am sure they will be out of business soon.[​IMG]
  9. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    When I posted on 3/5, or there about, they did have the email blaster, so don't point blame at me because you did not join with me.

    The real issue is who you signed up with, you should have made a direct inquire as to the latest to make sure all was up to date, regardless of what's on the web page right before purchase.

    Anyhow the plans now are for a SMS texting broadcasting platform to replace the email blaster. Per what I've been told.

    So as to a rip-off that would require none of the products or updates to be there and that's not the case.
  10. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Well, don't try and write Passive Online Profits off. This automated home business builder tools system is about to roll-out a email, text blaster and more.

    Here's the new video overview that is on our marketing websites:

    It's exciting times with Passive Online Profits
  11. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    youtu . be ? good luck keeping that alive when YouTube fights back.
    Wow. Some people just love attention.
  12. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Are you referring to the domain

    And are you taking a "pop shot" at me, or the owner of P.O.P.?

    Let's just cover the domain which would nullify the comment and intent that maybe associated with your comment.

    If you would go to any youtube video and you would click on share to get the youtube link to share, then you will see who exactly owns Take a wild guest!

    A little research would have cleared this up before commenting.

    Let's not get mean spirited where there is no merit. And let's try and focus on comments that are worthwhile. And when we do "knock" something lets try and make sure we are substantive with those comments and not just making "noise" to appear to be saying something of substance.

    Last I checked nearly everyone here is promoting something in their signature link that they feel is a viable opportunity for people to consider in their work from home pursuits be it mlm, direct sales (affiliate marketing), or whatever. We must be careful when we try and take "pop shots" at people and what they do, especially if they are having success, when we are pursuing the same home business success our own way.

    That being said P.O.P. is looking awesome for one looking for automated marketing tools that many successful home business people are using.
  13. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    FreeCashMan: And are you taking a "pop shot" at me, or the owner of P.O.P.?
    Not intentionally but maybe sub-consciously, the keyword being conscience.
    Thanks for the education about, seems Google did it in 2009.
    Funny I never noticed it as the YouTube share link before now.
    Your educational posts are always welcome. Thank you jah.
  14. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Passive Online Profits (POP) just released a mini version and new ultra.

    Current, now POP Mini, Voice Broadcast and scraper $97 with 1up ($50 commissions)
    Ultra with above and SMS text messaging blaster, and email blaster $497 with 1up ($400 commissions).

    Take commissions from POP mini and upgrade with profits.

    This is powerful for proven marketing tools that are making people money everyday.

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