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  1. Gusbearsmom

    Gusbearsmom New Member

    I hope I'm not being to forward but what is the average paycheck?
    Do they do tuition reimbursment for at home workers? Will I get paid enough to at least make a decent amount of money that is worth my time? I'm quitting a job that pays really well (unhappy here and going back to school) and just want to make sure I'm making the right decision
  2. kaya910

    kaya910 New Member

    It depends on the project you are assigned. I honestly think it is a supplemental income but you can do some research. They do not offer any benefits. Have you choose a skill or have you just put in the application?
  3. Gusbearsmom

    Gusbearsmom New Member

    I have just sent in my work verification and what not. I'm not expecting to make a full living but since I am wanting to go back to school to be a teacher I figure it will be decent enough.
  4. school44

    school44 New Member

    On certain lines, we are being paid an hourly rate, not by the call. I work VM Act*va*ions and currently am being paid an hourly rate greater than min. wage. So at 40 hrs per wk, 800/mo is more than possible. For us, that's a good supplement. Not enough for a main source of income, but certainly as a second

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