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  1. hect1771

    hect1771 New Member

    I'm currently using an online lead generating system to generate my own leads. Is anyone using this program and how is it working for you?
  2. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    I started with PIF4P's last year, but didn't stick with it too long. Perhaps I just didn't "get" the process, but it seemed like a vicious circle of getting people to sign up to get people to sign up, etc. I couldn't see myself doing that successfully long term.

    After a few similar attempts at things eerily alike, I found the way to build my own unique web business outside of that whole mindset. I was happily relieved. I have a feeling I would still be running on that treadmill without getting anywhere otherwise.

    If you have success with it, good for you. You are sharper than I.
  3. catfly

    catfly New Member

    Im am a relative newbiw with PiF4P. it is alot slower than expected but i am still plugging away and getting sign ups. but not everyone chooses to be active. I think its not a bad system it basically merges GDI and Traffic oasis and teaches how to do online marketing. It did teach me how to use traffic swarm more effectivly and i will probably use my Gdi site to promote MPM when I get a minute!
    I am spending as much effort promoting MPM which IS an amazing don't ever get the 'heartsink' feeling as it is free.

    perhaps if you have a bigger budget you can get PIF4P moving quicker but I am trying for slow but steady.
  4. TopMentor

    TopMentor New Member

    PIF4P is a decent program although it does seem to be somewhat saturated.

    I would encourage you to learn more about "branding" yourself or creating a capture page telling your story. This is how I learned and became a successful 6 figure internet marketer and its a lot easier than one thinks especially when you have someone who has experience with it.


    Brian McCoy
    McCoy Marketing Group
  5. advoc821

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    Hi Guys! If you are all a member of PIF4P it seems you did not research about the program well before you joined.

    Check this thread in this forum which started February 2007.

    Decide for yourselves.

    Work Hard, Play Hard![​IMG]

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