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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by MsMcFadden, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. MsMcFadden

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    Hi! I hope this hasn't already been covered. I did a search of the site first to see if it was already a topic and couldn't find anything on it. Not having the time to read through all the other posts I hope you'll bear with me if it was touched on somewhere else.

    I'm new on this forum and actually checked out a freelance writers site that sounded too good to be true and found valuable advice here! So, thanks to you all. I do however have a question about a company that claims to provide a course to you for about $249 guaranteeing that you will be able to find a job within 3 days. They are called the PC Training Institute. I have googled the heck out of it and have found some favorable comments at consumer-advocacy.org (they are posted as #1 on their Approved Work from Home list) as well as some posts on yahoo, etc, from people who claimed to have found success with the course... but it just wasn't enough info for me to feel "safe" in trying it out. Or paying the $250 that could best be used elsewhere.

    Would love to hear from those who have tried it and succeeded or been taken advantage of!

    Much Thx!
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  2. aplina

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    be very careful. welcome to the forum, some here will give you more , not able to help
  3. cupbucket

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    If they guarantee results in 3 days then they should also offer a money back guarantee if they don't deliver on their promise. Otherwise there is nothing to hold them to the guarantee and therefore it isn't a real guarantee, it is only words.

    Read through the terms of service (I know it's boring) and see if they do. Or you can just contact them and ask them directly.

  4. cherie27

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    Maybe you can try to contact them.
    If they reply you within two days, then this company should be legitimate.
  5. molly72

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    Just found this forum by googling around. As someone who actually took the PC Training Institute course, I can verify that the school is legitimate and the course is excellent. I'm not getting rich off of it (making about $1000/month) but they did get me accepted to work with a number of companies and I only put in about 5 hours a week.

    Hope that helps.
  6. detrna

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    have read on RipOff Report that they are a scam, but I have also read positive things about them. I am confused.
    Did you check into them first or did you decide to take the plunge and see what would happen.
  7. revwiseman

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    The report on RipOffReport is the computer career institute, not the personal computer training institute (which does the SCI Training for Life course). Don't confuse the two. The personal computer training institute provides a legitimate product of training you and placing you for work in a fortune 500 company.

    The work involves making postings on forums and blogs for fortune 500 companies (such as amazon, apple etc). The training teaches you how to avoid spamming - you are representing your employer!) plus how to make a post using proper anchor text and keywords.

    This is useful training if you ever decide to have your own blog or website as this will teach you how to drive targeted traffic and how to score well in the search engines.

    It's legitimate work for legitimate companies, and as such will always get paid provided you don't cheat (using robot postings etc).

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