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  1. zauchka

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    Anyone heard of a company PeanutButter (TM) or website I did a small telecommute job for this language software company and was supposed to get paid as far back as November, but never got anything but promises. I'm wondering what are some of the effective means for dealing with an unpaying telecommute employer? PeanutButter (TM) seems to be based in Maryland, if this affects anything.
    Thank you very much in advance!

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  2. Rosevelt

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    Zauchka, you should goto their website find the contact information and write them a letter. Those letters usually get sent to multiple people, I'm sure one of them will help you.
  3. TheExecutive

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    Sorry, I don't want to sell peanut butter sticks.
    Leave that for Keebler and Nabisco! [​IMG]

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