permanent or season west employee?? info please>

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by tropicalbenzo, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. tropicalbenzo

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    anyone know how west work? they always give you skills to start a new job??? i mean we are a occasionall employees right? we dont have anything sure, also can they juts fired , with out any info??? , what about if we do something wrong? they tell us something, i would be glad to get more info, about that company?
  2. ShawnFL

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    Some people are hired as holiday employees but that is usually at the end of the year. If they have a temp. job or holiday job and that is what you are offered you would know because it would say holiday or temp. I don't know anyone who has been fired so I can't answer that question but I'm guessing if you do something that they have clearly stated don't do then it's possible. Each skill has different rules. If you do something wrong and they have listened to that phone call they will let you know in your Performance page. Click on that and you can see your call stats, feedback (if you have any), coaching (if you have any), and Pins (if you have any). HTH

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