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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by reporter, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. reporter

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    I'm a freelance journalist, and I'm writing an article for Self about people's motivations to look good on a daily basis while working from home. When there's no one to impress with your looks, do you spend all day in your pajamas with your hair undone or do you still get dressed in your suit as a way to stay disciplined.

    I'd love to hear your stories. Thanks for the help.
  2. mountainmom5

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    This is a good one! I have done a bit of both... there are days that I don't get past the bathrobe stage until after lunch and there are days when I feel like being a lady and at least look nice for my family - especially my hubby.[​IMG]
  3. reporter

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    Do you feel like not putting a certain amount of time into your appearance daily hurts your self image? Or do you think it's freeing not to care?
  4. jaynen

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    If I have anything to do outside of the house other than prospecting, I get dressed as if I have to leave for work; not necessarily professional attire, just fully dressed. If I don't have anything significant, other than prospecting, it's a shower, face, hair, and undies all-day.

    I have a network marketing business and a lot of times I don't have anything to do that day other than work my business, so I throw on some casual clothes about mid-afternoon, head over to one of the nearby by shopping centers or social hot-spots for a coffee, tea, or drink and pique a few people; sometimes I don't really pique, I just talk to people and get a few business cards/phone numbers. On those days I don't get dressed until I'm ready to leave.
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    Hi Reporter,

    I wake up between 4-6a. Take a shower, put on some casual clothes, eat, and get to work. Sometimes I'll work out before work while at other times I'll work out later in the day.

    I enjoy casual attire. I've heard that some folks like to don the suit and tie. Some even go as far as getting in their car and driving around the block before entering their home office.

    Dress code and morning habits seem to vary from person to person for the work at home environment.

    ~Newbie Shield~
  6. reporter

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    I want to ask you guys the same question I asked mountainmom.

    Do you feel like not putting a certain amount of time into your appearance daily hurts your self image? Or do you think it's freeing not to care?

    Is the pressure to look good usually coming from social situations or does it sometimes come from within?
  7. Newbie Shield

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    Hi Reporter,

    Never has hurt my self image and never will. My Ralph Lauren and Eddie Bauer casual clothing is plenty good for me. I couldn't care less what anyone thinks of it.

    I avoid all situations that "require" formal clothing.

    Pressure is a function of a person's background and current perception of what "should be" or "is expected". Luckily, I am not plagued by the said nonsensical notion.

    Reporter, since you are a new comer to this forum, I would appreciate it if you would thank those who take the time to answer your questions. You might also add a little warmth to your approach rather than to act expectant and robotic.

    It takes time to build up "forum currency" and you probably didn't realize that it's a breach of etiquette to waltz in here as an unknown stranger and come off so matter of fact - almost in a military commander sort of way.

    You might also give out your name, explain whether or not you've actually been commissioned by Self Magazine, or if you have not been commissioned but hope that they will buy your story anyways.

    It would also be a nice touch if you might explain what you will do with the collected data besides simply to submit it to the magazine. What sort of article will it appear in and would you be willing to provide a link if your research should your findings ever get published.


    ~Newbie Shield~
  8. tpalmer02

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    I like to look nice but I am casual. Some days I might be a little more casual than other days. For instance, I might put on a sweat shirt and jeans but for the most part I put on casual clothes, do my hair put on makeup. It is for me.

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