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    I just did my webinar and I am even more confused. There was so much contradiction between the webinar and the training.
    They told us for all the companies other than PF we were to warm transfer the call, but nowhere have I seen how to do that. Do you put the customer on hold and manually dial the other company? Do they have buttons for the other companies? if anyone here can help I really appreciate it.

    If I send a question to support they simply copy and paste from teh FAQ's which I have already read. [​IMG]
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    if it is like ShopNBC when you sign in there will be a display that shows your incoming call and times. It will also have a function button were you can conference a PAL - you explain to the customer that you need to transfer, press conference PAL - the PAL will answer and you can explain situation to PAL - customer is on the line and can hear your conversation and when PAL is ready you can hit transfer - this way the PAL what is coming their way.
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    On the left side of ADE there will be a button below your make busy, hold, etc. it should say Call PAL. when you click on that button it puts the customer on hold and dials the PAL desk. This will allow you to speak to PAL without the customer hearing the conversation. If your PAL wants you to xfr the customer you then click on the conference PAL button and that will bring the customer into the conversation. If you don't need to xfr the call and just had to ask a question or the PAL tells you what you need to do then you will hit the drop PAL button and that will return you to the customer and disconnect the PAL. Also if you xfr the customer to PAL and you don't need to stay on the phone just click the end call button. Hope this helps.
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    Oh I forgot to say that I'm not sure what your call procedure is but make sure you follow it. I work VMA and we NEVER conference a customer until we have spoken to the PAL first. If you conference a customer without telling the pal first we get a pin.

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