Philosophies on building your mlm bizz

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    I found some very interesting philosophies about building your mlm bizz that I believe will help you succeed in any mlm opportunity.The 1st one is to awake to the opportunity.When I was introduced to network marketing where I can work for pay,start at the bottom,work my way up and sharing the opportunity with as many as I liked the lightswitch went on.Having said that,you can have the best product in the world,the best support system,the best compensation plan in the industry,BUT,if you dont have the philosophy to make it work,that drives you,then nothing works!
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    Philosophies on building your mlm bizz

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    Here's the first one.
    Here's the saying that goes along with it.Wages earn you a living,which is fine,and profits earn you a FORTUNE,which is super fine.Now you can live both fine or super fine.Imagine waking up in the morning knowing and believing that you found a way to make a fortune?Not just to pay the rent,but to make a fortune?Can you imagine what life is gonna be like?As a part time distributor , in this MIRACLE industry,you can now say"I'm working full time on my job and part time on my fortune.
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    Yes. I agree.

    When the economy is down, wages got affected.
    But once you have your profit coming in, just continue with the hard work.

    i don't believe in a job will lead me to fortune. [​IMG]
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    Yes i agree there is no way you can build a great business
    if you dont have the drive and believe that you can do it,
    thinking like that make you be defeated before you even
    get started!!!!

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