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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by missysamom, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. missysamom

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    Hello all, I'm Missy and I was wondering about the phone requirements for West. Does West reimburse for the corded phone and headset you have to buy? Are you using a separate phoneline only for them? If so, is that reimbursed? Is it tax deductable? If not, how are you handling the "feature free" problem? I have spent hours upon hours reading the posts on West and haven't seen a definite answer to this. In the meantime I've really come to like this forum and am wondering what took me soo long to find you guys. LOL.
  2. rsoler

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    you do have to pay for everything required and there is no reimbursement however, it is tax deductible. you have to have feature free and no there is no problem with that.
  3. smokeyssmokette

    smokeyssmokette New Member

    I use my regular land line house phone i refused to get an additional line and removed all features from my home phone and it's worked out fine, @de tells you when there is an incoming call so i usually know if it's personal and family and friends are good about not calling me during my shifts and if they do i usually make busy answer tell them i'm working and they know i'll call them back as soon as I can.

    for your phone line to be a write off for the IRS it has to be used for business only, i.e. no personal calls.

    i bought my phone and headset fairly cheap $39.99 at staples for my at&t desktop (corded phone) and my GE headset at target for $12.99 i've only had to replace my headset once in 6 months and thats cause I accidently broke it.

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